Wednesday, April 28, 2010

St. John Island

No, this is NOT St. John Island. This is Ric bonding with Sullivan before we left him (and Jackson with he and Diane.
Jennifer (the beautiful bride!) and best friend Lauren at the dress rehearsal

Scott and his new buddies Chris and Lucas at the rehearsal dinner

Pirate Tricia at the rehearsal dinner

Ahhhhhhhh... a vaca for US!

Island weddings, I've concluded, are the BEST to be invited to. We were having so much fun over the weekend at Steve and Jennifer's that we didn't capture many pics on our camera, but hopefully you can see that our weekend was phenomenal. THANKS TO RICCI AND DIANE for braving the Arthur Household with such fierceness, keeping our offspring in line!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grandma = Easter Egg Hunt

It's funny what kids remember (and, actually, the developing memory of my tot is beginning to scare me a little... as in, what I do and say is beginning to enter that tape-recorder... IT ALL MATTERS from here on out!!!!). Last year, when Grandma Decker came to provide much-needed help after Sullivan was born, she provided a little Easter Egg Hunt for J. He was 1 3/4 years old. And he had fun with it and all... but I about dropped over when, in explaining to him the other day that Grandma was going to be visiting soon, he said, "We find eggs together?"

OK, I confess, we have watched a few family videos that may have jogged the memory. But still, it shocked me that he made the association.

Anyway, Grandma was here from Palm Sunday until yesterday. We conducted thr annual Easter Egg Hunt, among many other things. Thanks, Gma! We had a ton of fun with you!
We took Lynette to our favorite spot: Oxbow Park!
It was both windy AND sunny (gorgeous!), hence Sullivan's unwillingness to look into the camera.

Jackson loves uprooting grass, walking up the fence, and chickening out at the last minute when the deer comes towards him with his slobbery tongue. Jackson lets the grass fall to the ground and jumps back, only to repeat the same steps (over and over!).

One might think, in all the pictures I've posted over the past year, that Sullivan is a serious guy. Most of the shots fail to capture an all-out smile. The truth is, he smiles a ton. He just doesn't smile for the camera. That's sort of his personality in general : I'll perform only when I want to (I'll eat only when I want to... I'll play only with the toys I want to... in other words, I could take or leave what YOU want me to do! It's sweet-natured defiance, really)

Off centered self-portrait, but I captured the main star!

Such a sweet moment: Gma and Jackson were learning about birds and their wing spans. You'll see Jackson's navy blue arms poking out, parallel to Gma's. So darling!

I've never known a more ticklish neck than Sullivan's (gets it from me!)

This toy is THE BEST 1-year-old toy... buy it for all of your friends with babies. It's worth ALL 4 D batteries needed to power it up.

Here're the egg pics!

Sullivan helped Gma load them up!

Last weekend...

We've had some unbelievably marvelous spring days as of late. Last weekend was a real taste of outdoor fun (and this week - as a new blog entry will show - marks a record high temp for this time of year in Rochester!), so we took FOR SURE advantage of it. These pics are all taken at the darling play ground just blocks away from our house, attached to the local elementary school (where Jackson will go if we stay planted here that long!).
Daddy and Jackson "Rough housin'"

Love Jackson's expression here...
I ALWAYS wear lipstick to the playground, by the way...

Little Man Sullivan was feeling a bit under the weather

SO HAPPY to be enjoying plastic outdoor play equipment!

Look at these cool dudes!