Monday, May 11, 2009

I spent most of Mother's Day without my children around - is that wrong?

Yesterday was beautiful.

I spent the day dedicated to celebrating my motherhood far removed from my mothering duties! I could feel guilty about this, but I choose not to. As Scott said, "If you were with your kids all day, it would be like any other day!"

So he treated me to a massage and a lunch out with a friend and an hour at Cairbou to journal and read to myself. (In my defense, I did FINALLY come home and took a long walk with my family... a perfect ending to a perfect day!)

And the man stayed home. ALL DAY LONG. When I returned from my galavanting around, he was still in his pajamas, looking exhausted (come to think of it, a lot like what I look like most days - HA!). He had played with the kids, kept up with the dishes, switched loads of laundry, planned dinner, and managed to stay sane! What a stud.

The day was so great. I felt as though I had had my "moments" in the week leading up to Mother's Day. Lots of journaling and tearfulness. It's such a crazy time in my head... missing my own mother.... wishing, as a mother, that Duncan could be with me still... But by the time Sunday came, I was very present and content and cheerful. How blessed I am!

Visitors = New Treats

We all get into our grocery store ruts... we get in, shop for what we always shop for, we get out.

But when visitors come, the rules change. You get insight as to how they eat and how they shop and - in our case these past weeks - how they spoil. Let me share with you some of my recent discoveries:

When Lynette visited: Fig newtons. I mean, let's face it, it's not the most sought after snack, but it just REALLY hit the spot. And now I can't stop! And those Starbucks Mocha thingies in the if that wasn't high-cal enough... Lynette went an added this new twist where she blended up ice and heavy whipping cream and poured the stinkin drink over that! WOW. And Constant Comet iced tea. She always makes iced tea when we're around. She sweetens it with a pound of sugar and it REALLY hits the spot in the afternoon.

When Ricci and Diane visited: They are Diet Pepsi people, so I always have it on hand when they're here. I am not one to drink a ton of pop, but I went CRAZY on the stuff. Oh, how good it tastes when you need a little pep me up. Ricci also is a microwave popcorn nut. I never usually buy it, but what a treat. And this last little surprise was an impulse buy, since we were all too lazy to prepare a dessert during their visit: mint double stuffed oreos. HELLO! Go out and buy it. Now.

When Becky visited: Chai Latte. It's so yummy. She bought a box of the stuff at Starbucks and we popped it in the Cocomotion - equal parts the mixture and milk. I'm never going to stop buying it. I'm hooked. And tapioca pudding... could it be possible that I had never officially tasted tapioca pudding before Becky presented a warm, steaming bowl of it my way during her stay? IMG, it's so good warm. All for like 79 cents! And she went out on a limb and bought an eggplant during her visit - she put together this BRILLIANT eggplant parmesian concoction... I didn't even KNOW I liked eggplant. Given this newfound veggy delight, I ordered eggplant parmesian for lunch yesterday (woulda NEVER done that at a restaurant had I not been introduced to it!).


Farewell sweet got us through so many memories...purchased in 2004, you provided images from our wedding day forward. This picture of goofy Jackson is the last you will ever take (the outdoor snack picnic was your doom- you got hidden underneath the picnic blanket and when we packed up, you stayed behind in the grass), what with your insides now a damp-then-dried mess (thanks for the rice idea, jeremy, but I think she's a gonner!). Lucky for all of us, your memory card was preserved. Not sure how, but no memories were lost. You looked out for us in that regard, sweet camera. Farewell. I will miss you.

FGM Becky

As you know, I have four VERY special women in my life called "The Girlfriends." Now that there are descendents of "The Girlfriends" being created (aka CHILDREN), we had to coin a name for how the kiddos were to view their mothers' closest pals. Beth came up with "Fairy Godmothers" several years back and it stuck. Becky is FGM (Fairy Godmother) to Jackson. We also call her "Aunt Becky." But let's get real... the best Jackson can do - and it is SO darn cute - is "Beppy." I love it!

Becky came for her second Rochester visit right after the Arthurs. She spoiled, spoiled and then spoiled some more. It's hard to say who got spoiled more: Jackson or me. We drank chai lattes and margaritas, gave each other massages, ate scrumptious meal creations, and I was allowed to sleep during what became known as "Becky's afternoon walk time" - BEAUTIFUL. It made up for how late the woman was keeping me up with her favorite girlfriend-appropriate movies at night (The Thomas Crown Affair and The Saint). Scott planned a trip to California when she'd be here, so we girlfriended it up in his absence. And thank goodness she was here when she was, because I had lots of doctor's appointments for Sullivan, Jackson, and me. She was holding down the fort, for sure!

I love you Beppy!

FGM Becky and Jackson concentrating on some imaginative activity - the woman spoiled Jackson with all of her creativity and energy!

Speaking of creative, look at the muffin presentation! I felt like I was at a restaurant!

And how bout that salmon? This particular variation had apricot topping. YUM!

FGM Becky holding Baby Sullivan. The two of them got along great, but I think nothing could top the connection between she and Jackson... he had a crush, needless to say!

This was the fort they built together with couch cushions. What 2 year old WOULDN'T have a crush on FGM Becky???

All-time best action shot... Becky and I completed the project of painting the master bedroom during her visit. Sullivan cooperated most of the time, but here he needed some TLC during the paint job. Can this gal multi-task or what??

Beppy's last morning... we love you!

Gma and Gpa visit

Wheweee. It seems like forever ago that Ricci and Diane visited. The two crazy kids decided to travel on a Greyhound - did I mention we live in MINNESOTA??? From Columbus, OH to Rochester, MN the trek was a 24 hour "grand adventure" as Ricci continues to call it. More power to them.

Below are some great moments during their stay. It rained solid almost from the time they arrived to the time they left. But it was a nice, cozy, lazy indoor time. We watched the Cavs play, watched a couple movies, played with the kiddos, and ate. It was wonderful. Stretch!
This is the grumpy you-are-keeping-me-awake-to-take-pictures-again-Mom look

An attempt to get a good shot of Jackson (who was not cooperating!) in his Air Jordan outfit with his Air Jordan tennishoes on (THANK YOU STACIA AND THE HILLS!)

Sweet sleeping babe

Gpa and Jackson in his "old man" pajamas

Hugs and kisses before bed

The fam!

His very own chair!

Mommy and her boys!

Sorry about the angle... couldn't rotate, for some reason!


Sullivan on his 1 month birthday... I know, I know he's nearly 2 months now. CLEARLY, I am playing catch-up!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Q: What happens when a digital camera is left in one's lawn, exposed to sun, rain and all other elements, then recovered three days later?

A: It powers on, but other functions in question. I'm too scared to spend time with it and find out JUST the extent of the damage.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm behind

... I'll catch up. Really I will.

I've just had too many people spoiling me and loving me and visiting me. Kinda makes me not want to revisit my "things to do" list. Or do laundry. Or cook. Or think.

Pictures soon to come of visits from Gma and Gpa Arthur and Fairy Godmother Becky.

PS Jackson really, truly believed he was a king during these aforementioned visits. I'm having a hard time escorting him off his pseudo-throne and informing him that he, too, must live and play by rules. HA!!! What are grandparents and fairy godmothers for if not for spoiling!