Monday, June 20, 2011

Here they are!

Boys at start, prepared to cheer on DAD!
Scott finishes his swim, thumbs up to his fans

I couldn't get any bike pics, but this is him exiting the transition zone and now starting his 5k.


The stud and his boys :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

There are lots of great pictures from today (but none are uploading properly at the moment). Scott got his butt out of bed at the crack of dawn and competed in his first triathlon of the season. He's such a stud. He rocked out the swim/bike/run with a great time and an exhausted little body. The boys and I were there, of course, as his #1 fans. We drove separately and I got gas on the way home. Guess who was sweating his tail off mowing the lawn when I pulled up the driveway? The triathlon-competing, supposed-to-be-his-day-of-being-given-to, compulsively productive SCOTT ARTHUR! Was a .25 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 5 k run NOT enough for him before noon? Ha!

Last story here... today was my first Father's Day without Dad, of course. I went on a nice long run yesterday morning and got to spend some time with him. I did lots of reminiscing about my dad and what he means to me (and cried a bit - by now I should know that crying + running does not make for air). Then, this morning, when I am rushing like it's my JOB to make it to the triathlon on time (of course, I didn't allow enough minutes for parking or for getting a good spot in the crowd (by "crowd," I mean the Rochester version of a crowd!)), I pulled a John Johnson parking job; the lot was totally filled, so I just mozied right up to one of the curbs between rows. A TOTAL makeshift spot. As I so often do, I was talking to myself in the act... I couldn't help but give a little giggle after I heard myself say, "Now kids... I'm gonna park in a bit of a weird way, not quite the normal spot to park in. You know who taught me this? You know who used to do this ALL the time? PAPA JOHN!" When I turned to check out their silent response, they were both too busy stuffing their mouths with cashews and ritz crackers out of their snack cups (did I mention we didn't have time for a sufficient breakfast???) to give two flips about where and why we parked where we did. Ahh, ONE DAY, Dad. ONE DAY they will understand all you taught me!

Aunt Jo, master of arts and crafts

When I was a young girl, going to Aunt Jo's (and Uncle Darrell's) for the weekend (or week, in the summer!) meant arts and craft projects galore. I remember a hot glue gun being plugged in at all hours of the night and day and lots of buttons, beads, barrettes, dried flowers, silk flowers, pressed flowers...

It was heaven.

A couple weeks ago, Aunt Jo and Cousin Stacia visited from where they now live, Florida. All of the memories of my creative projects with Aunt Jo flooded back to me as I watched her mystically unveil project after project from her guest bedroom (come to find out, they had packed a whole separate piece of luggage of crafting goodies!). All for Jackson and Sullivan to be dazzled by! They have been arts-and-crafts deprived, I fear. So they were ripping and roaring at this new-found fun! Although I failed to get any good shots of actual PEOPLE, I did take several photos of the results of their labors. THANKS, AJ and STACIA!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Chapter Closed

Today was my last day teaching mathematics to kids grade 7-12 for awhile.

Winter 2004: Half year, 9th grade at Brush High School (Cleveland, OH)
2004/05: 7th grade at Shaker Heights Middle School (Cleveland, OH)
2005/06: 10th-11th grade at Olentangy Liberty High School, Algebra II & Honors Alg. II (Col, OH)
2006/07: 9th-11th grade at Olentangy Liberty High School, Algebra I and Honors Algebra II (Co, OH)
2007/08: off
2008/09 - 2009/10 - 2010/11: 6th grade students at Kellogg Middle School (Rochester, MN) - PART time, 2 - 3 classes each year.

What a ride!

I'm taking a break from teaching, partly because my teaching license here in MN was temporary and I didn't take the opportunity/ invest the money in the coursework and clinical hours to update it (expires NOW!). The other part of my reasoning is personal; I believe I am ready to be single-focused for a period: on my kids and my family life. The child care coordination and details wrapped around making the morning schedule successful became pretty exhausting. I look forward to a more simple start to my days next year but will most DEFINITELY miss this element of my life I feel so passionately about.

Young adults: I love you so very much and I beg you to find ways to have contact with me in a more informal way... church youth group chaperoneing? individual math tutoring? youth life coaching? Find me, YOUTH OF AMERICA! I will miss you greatly until then!