Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Riverside Hilton

It might be a stretch to compare Riverside Hospital to the Hilton Hotels but I must admit it is very nice. I wanted to give you the scoop over the past three days. Tuesday, I had a routine appointment at my high risk OB's office. They monitered my contractions, which had increased in intensity and he made the decision to admit me to the hospital for continued observation. (On a side but very important note, that appointment gave us the estimated birth weights which are: Duncan is 5 lb 5 oz and Jackson is 5 lb 10 oz)

As of this morning (Thursday) I am still here and the plan is to rest and continue monitering at least through the weekend. The phone number in room 4218 is 544-7640. And my cell phone is up and running - Yippee!!

We'll keep you posted, Tricia

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom, 3 centimeters, and Sprite

I need to start by letting you know that my mom has declined dramatically and is beginning the journey towards death. As you can imagine, having to stay here in Columbus is painful for me. All I want to do it to hold her hand and look into her eyes...please be in prayer with me that she remains peaceful and painless. This has been the case. She is staying at a Hospice facililty in Louisville and will most likely not leave that room. This may come as a great shock to many of you... there had been several days of her doing wonderfully previous to this decline. It happened very fast. Please check the blog dedicated to she and Dad:

It explains the journey leading up to now. (A few people have expressed a problem with that web address... but after a couple tries were able to get it working... not sure what the problem is, but keep "refreshing" and it should work eventually)

So my energy, prayers, and emotions are split between she and the babies. It seems as though I can only handle one of the two at any given time. I am doing my best. Yesterday, we learned that I am now 3 cm. dilated. This was all due to a trip to Labor and Delivery (trip #2) yesterday morning. I had experienced a great deal of sharp pain in my right side the evening before. It was not a contraction-type pain... more like a consistent jabbing. Once the constancy of this 30 minutes wore off, it would only bother me when I took a deep breath. We held off until yesterday morning, when a call to my doctor resulted in encouragement to go ahead to the hospital and check it out (could have been a gall blatter issue or high blood pressure). Turns out, I checked out fine on everything regarding the pain on the side (they chalked it up to perhaps skelatal and/or muscular shifting/stretching because of the pregnancy). Since it only hurts when I inhale deeply and seemed to be helped by Tylenol, they were not concerned. However, my tracked contractions while there led them to check my dilation. I just KNEW I was going to be more dilated than the 1 cm. about a month ago. And sure enough, 3 cm I am! Scott and I thought I might have to stay in the hospital to be monitored... but thank goodness they sent me on home, with instructions to be even more careful about time on my feet/hydration/etc.

I have an appointment today designed to check estimated weights and track their heartbeats.

Lastly, wouldn't you know that in the midst of all this happening, I spilled a glass of Sprite on my cell phone over the weekend??? So, it is totally not powering on... and therefore I have noone's contacts. And, of course, I cannot talk on my cell phone. So, direct your calls to either Scott's cell: 614-315-1566 or the land line: 614-607-5793.

We're hanging in there, thanks to God keeping us standing upright (or for me, laying on my left side, rather!). Scott has been and continues to be an INCREDIBLE source of support. I am a very lucky woman.

Friday, May 25, 2007

No More Bragging

That's it. I have officially decided NOT to boast about how wonderful my sleep has been or any other pregnancy inconvenience I have been spared. It never fails, right after I brag about being able to sleep pretty well and staying generally comfortable - I have a HORRIBLE night's sleep. Last night I must have woken every half hour. Then, from 4:00am on for good. Good training, right?

Plenty of think-time though! I have mental plans for how we are going to add another room onto the back side of our house and extend a screened-in porch onto the east side of our garage. Yeah right. At least when I am not dreaming for-real at night, I can my own little private dream session!

Good news from yesterday's nonstress test: Both babies passed with flying colors. They are looking for a 15 beat per minute acceleration from the resting rate at least twice within a 20 minute period of time from both twins. This coming Tuesday is the nest weight estimation, which of course is my favorite part. We are shooting for nearing the 5 lb mark!!!

In other good news, today marks 33 weeks! 33 WEEKS! Can you believe it? It is amazing to me how hours turn into days, which turn into weeks! Before you know it, I'll be 37 weeks and they'll have to intervene to get those suckers out. They are minding their Momma by STAYING IN!

I want also to update you on Mom. On a side note, there is a blog we've started for her family and friends to keep up on her. It is: Hospice offers something called respit care, mainly as a service to the primary care provider (my dad, in our case). They allow Mom to come to a Hospice facility for up to 5 days a month just so that Dad can get a breather and a break and have his home to himself for a while. Mom has spent the past 4 days at that facility and returns home today!

She had been having a VERY good spurt of energy and overall improvement directly following the final radiation treatments two weeks ago. I am noticing on the phone that real recently, she has slid back a bit. But it is day by day. We just take however she is feeling for as long as we can and feel blessed by as many days she is "her old self" as we can get.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Final Nursery Shots

When you first walk in room... shoot, the lighting made this pic dark... Crib #1
Crib # 2
Changing table, equipped - of course - with two changing pads! Ha
Toy chests turned on their side... cool, huh?

Many have gotten the tour in person, but for those of you who haven't, I wanted to offer a virtual experience of the twins' nursery. Thanks to ALL the folks who helped bring it all together. It turned out FAR better than I could have imagined!

Look at those kick-butt toy boxes turned sideways too! (the ones with polka dots painted on the sides - they are serving as storage for all the diaper changing products until they get put to use as toy chests). My Girlfriends Club made that project come to fruition!

I love the room. Thanks everybody!

Catching up from the Past Week & Weekend - THE BIG 3-0!

Anita and Scott with his "Daddy's Doodie" apron on!
KK and Sara munching away at all the goodies

Father/Daughter shot of Jeremy/Avery and Craig/Grace... they were darling together!
Emily and Christy (bride to be!)
Christy practicing her maternal skills with Avery

I have yet to comment on the fact that Scotty is now 30 years of age! His birthday was the 15th, last Tuesday. Remarkably, I felt no negative vibes from him about the prospect of getting "old." It seemed to be a fairly seamless transition into "the thirties."

On Sunday (Mother's Day) of last week he celebrated his 30th with his Mom's family - and received his main gift - a fun IPOD!

On Monday of last week, he celebrated his 30th with his Dad and stepmom - they not only got to participate in the ultra sound that day, but also treated us to a fantastic order-out meal from Applebee's... probably the beginning of many carry-outs!

On Tuesday of last week, he celebrated his 30th with our dear friends, the Sutherlands. They came by with their daughter, Grace, and yummy Grinders. Above is a picture of Anita with Scott that night. They gifted him a Daddy apron - equipped with face masks and latex gloves for bad diaper changes! Then, friends from our previous church - Kate, Em, Ash, & Ash - all came over for a lovely visit.

On Saturday, he celebrated his 30th with his collective college crew and others. It was such a wonderful night of laid back enjoyment. See pictures above.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nonstress tests begin!

This week is the first of my bi-weekly nonstress tests to check in on the boys. The intent is to track fetal wellbeing, making sure they are healthy IN... if their nutrition or blood/oxygen supply is at risk, they will weigh whether it will be more benefical for them to be OUT, albeit premature.

So we did well today! One down! A good report... and Dr. Fox's perspective (he is the high risk doctor that consults my regular OB - the one who will actually deliver) is that as long as the tests show positive signs, he suggests inducing around week 27 [oops, a friend noticed this mistake... want to clear it up as WEEK 37 that they want to induce, not 27!], which is around June 22nd. Golly, wouldn't it be great to get to then!

Also, we took a tour of Riverside Hospital's NICU. The best part of that tour was when the guide asked what the boys' expected weights were. When we told her, she made it her goal to find a baby there who was "in our price range," as she put it. We visited with a darling little boy who was 4 lbs 9 ozs (close to where we should be about now). He was doing wonderfully! And it was amazing to wrap our minds around the fact that that little guy - all balled up - times TWO - is in me! Truly crazy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thank goodness I hadn't arranged for any visitors yesterday. I woke up feeling poopy and stayed that way until after dinner-time. In fact, when Scott got home I was feeling feverish so I asked him to take my temperature. Low and behold, would you know we couldn't find a dang adult thermometer in the building? So, I sent him into the nursery to bring back a baby ear thermometer (just received at our last baby shower!). Sure enough, they work on adults too: I had a 101 degree temp! But then it trailed off by the end of the night. A very strange day... cuz I felt great this morning. So, who knows.

So since I was feeling bummy, I watched three movies yesterday - that's a record:
The Inside Man - liked
The Sweetest Thing - didn't like
Patch Adams - a long-time fav

Monday, May 14, 2007

All Signs Are Good

Today was another appointment with both doctors.

Good news all around... Duncan's estimated weight is 4 lbs 1 oz and Jackson's is 4 lbs. 6 oz. We passed the 4 lb threshold! Yey!

No other big info to share. The goal is just to keep plugging along as long as possible. At this point there is no health concern in either baby requiring an induction or scheduling a C section. One more week down!

We were fortunate to have another two sets of eyes on the ultra sound today - Granny and Grandpa Arthur (Ricci and Diane - Scott's dad and stepmom). And they surprised us with another 3 D shot! Both babies were featured this time - and I am here to say - they look pretty darn identical!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

31 Weeks and Counting - Scott is nesting!

Well, this weekend marks the conclusion of 31 weeks of pregnancy. As the occasional discomfort and interrupted sleep begins to increase, and as bed rest challenges test my discipline, Scott continually asks me "Do you still like being pregnany?" YES YES YES... It's an incredible thing, for sure. I cannot possibly be annoyed with it!

Today I fell more in love with my husband. He could tell I had a lot of "to dos" in my mind yesterday - and he committed to be of service in getting them done today. So, over breakfast I composed my list. And he worked like a little dog ALL DAY - cleaned bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, potted plants, bought flowers, spread mulch, put together random baby items, ran errands - he was a saint! It is not just him to which I owe thanks - my mother in law, Lynette, has been a little worker bee this week, and my girlfriends did a TON last weekend, and our associate pastor, Amy, has been visiting with fun food surprises...I am so blessed!

A word on Mom... she had a really great day yesterday and again today. Seems to have gotten an unexpected little dose of energy - we'll take it!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Surprise 3D!

Tipsy the Town and Country escorted the Johnsons and Arthurs to our ultra sound appointment this afternoon - and to our surprise, they conducted a 3-D one! Truly, a single still picture does not do this experience justice... nor, then, does this attempt to take a digital shot of one of their still print-outs. But enjoy nonetheless!

I say ... my nose, Scott's chin... agreed?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Way-Wonderful-Weekend

It's only Sunday morning (everyone around me is still snoozing!) and I can already tell you this weekend ranks towards the top on most special weekends! Friday, I was able to spend some amazing Girlfriend time with two dear women - Becky and KK. That evening, Mom and Dad arrived from Louisville and we had a lovely time chatting and having a private "pseudo-shower," opening all the gifts and goodies from the Louisville folks. Saturday was the last of Jackson and Duncan's showers, hosted by my incredible Girlfriend's Club. It had a "sweet pea" theme - and was an exceptional combination of delicious food and conversation. Mom was looking her finest, yet again, and had a ball visiting with the Columbus crew of friends. PLUS more generous giving by all. Now comes the organizing part... it is simply amazing to watch our home transform to Baby Central!

Last night the Girlfriends Club (Becky, KK, Carey. and Beth) all came to our home for a dinner (Grinders) and dessert (Graeters) together. This time, all "the men" and kids were invited, so Dick, Dave, Tim, Danny, Lucas, Lilly, Scott, and my mom and dad were there too. What a ball! Mom and I consumed the couch lounging and everyone else just worked right around us! It was a fabulous time of just being together.

And today, I await everyone returning for more fun. We have a few fun projects in store (painting the rest of the crib and two fun toy chests for the boys), plus (imagine this) more food to eat! Are you starting to understand why this is a pretty top-shelf weekend?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Louisville Baby Shower

As promised, I wanted to say a few words about the shower that took place Sunday at Grandmom and Grandad's party room. Of course, since I wasn't there, I can only go by those who have described it for me.... Bottom line : It was a huge success! Mom was the guest of honor, looking radiant and on top of her game. She was able to visit with the slew of folks who flocked to give her love... oh, and to drop off their generous gifts too! Mom opened only a couple, because she was biting at the bit to go goo-goo over baby stuff. The rest, as mentioned in the last blog, are now here in Columbus, taking over a WHOLE room! I am waiting to unwrap them, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone - I will find out the specifics when Mom comes to watch me unwrap (our own "private" little shower).

A special thanks to Aunt Charlene and Aunt Lisa for throwing such a successful party. You two really know how to create a welcoming mood of warmth - and you also know how to fill up tummies with incredible food. I got to experience a sample of everything - brought to me by my "roadies!" I am very grateful!

Beached Whale / Bathing Beauty

I'll let you choose the visual most fitting... the subject to this email is describing my new FAVORITE bed rest pasttime: Lounging outside. Scott willingly ran a ton of errands over the weekend, one of which being to Target for a nice rust-free lounge chair. You should see me now! The weather has been SO beautiful, that being pent up inside seemed like a sin! I have pillows well securing all angles of my massive tummy and I am all propped up in the shade (fully supplied with water, a bowl of popcorn, books, and this handy dandy lap top which just came in the mail YESTERDAY!) as I type. Someday I'll get Scott or our dear neighbors to take a pic.

Speaking of pics, as soon as I get my picture perfect installation CD located, I will include a picture of yesterday's surprise visit by my aunts and cousins. It was a dream of a day! While Aunt Jo and Stacia (from Sarasota FL, where we spent our Spring Break - see end of March blog with photos!) were in town visiting Mom and attending Sunday's shower/open house, they and Aunt Lisa and Jessica all decided to make a road trip out of toting all the great gifts to me! What a van full... four of my FAVORITE females and a load of loot! They even got to tag along to witness Duncan and Jackson up close and personal during our bimonthly ultra sound yesterday. What a blessing. By the way, I would like to brag about our babies (won't be the last time!): their estimate weights as of yesterday were : Jackson 3 lbs. 10 ozs. Duncan: 3 lbs. 9 ozs. How bout that? I was expecting to pass the 3 lb mark, but not expecting over 3 1/2 lbs! They are growing like weeds and I wouldn't want it any other way! YEY for a good report.

I will save the report from Sunday's Shower for another blog later today. My battery's all whiped out. It surely sounded like a HUGE success by all accounts. Wait till you see the pics!