Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thank goodness I hadn't arranged for any visitors yesterday. I woke up feeling poopy and stayed that way until after dinner-time. In fact, when Scott got home I was feeling feverish so I asked him to take my temperature. Low and behold, would you know we couldn't find a dang adult thermometer in the building? So, I sent him into the nursery to bring back a baby ear thermometer (just received at our last baby shower!). Sure enough, they work on adults too: I had a 101 degree temp! But then it trailed off by the end of the night. A very strange day... cuz I felt great this morning. So, who knows.

So since I was feeling bummy, I watched three movies yesterday - that's a record:
The Inside Man - liked
The Sweetest Thing - didn't like
Patch Adams - a long-time fav

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