Saturday, May 12, 2007

31 Weeks and Counting - Scott is nesting!

Well, this weekend marks the conclusion of 31 weeks of pregnancy. As the occasional discomfort and interrupted sleep begins to increase, and as bed rest challenges test my discipline, Scott continually asks me "Do you still like being pregnany?" YES YES YES... It's an incredible thing, for sure. I cannot possibly be annoyed with it!

Today I fell more in love with my husband. He could tell I had a lot of "to dos" in my mind yesterday - and he committed to be of service in getting them done today. So, over breakfast I composed my list. And he worked like a little dog ALL DAY - cleaned bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, potted plants, bought flowers, spread mulch, put together random baby items, ran errands - he was a saint! It is not just him to which I owe thanks - my mother in law, Lynette, has been a little worker bee this week, and my girlfriends did a TON last weekend, and our associate pastor, Amy, has been visiting with fun food surprises...I am so blessed!

A word on Mom... she had a really great day yesterday and again today. Seems to have gotten an unexpected little dose of energy - we'll take it!