Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Beached Whale / Bathing Beauty

I'll let you choose the visual most fitting... the subject to this email is describing my new FAVORITE bed rest pasttime: Lounging outside. Scott willingly ran a ton of errands over the weekend, one of which being to Target for a nice rust-free lounge chair. You should see me now! The weather has been SO beautiful, that being pent up inside seemed like a sin! I have pillows well securing all angles of my massive tummy and I am all propped up in the shade (fully supplied with water, a bowl of popcorn, books, and this handy dandy lap top which just came in the mail YESTERDAY!) as I type. Someday I'll get Scott or our dear neighbors to take a pic.

Speaking of pics, as soon as I get my picture perfect installation CD located, I will include a picture of yesterday's surprise visit by my aunts and cousins. It was a dream of a day! While Aunt Jo and Stacia (from Sarasota FL, where we spent our Spring Break - see end of March blog with photos!) were in town visiting Mom and attending Sunday's shower/open house, they and Aunt Lisa and Jessica all decided to make a road trip out of toting all the great gifts to me! What a van full... four of my FAVORITE females and a load of loot! They even got to tag along to witness Duncan and Jackson up close and personal during our bimonthly ultra sound yesterday. What a blessing. By the way, I would like to brag about our babies (won't be the last time!): their estimate weights as of yesterday were : Jackson 3 lbs. 10 ozs. Duncan: 3 lbs. 9 ozs. How bout that? I was expecting to pass the 3 lb mark, but not expecting over 3 1/2 lbs! They are growing like weeds and I wouldn't want it any other way! YEY for a good report.

I will save the report from Sunday's Shower for another blog later today. My battery's all whiped out. It surely sounded like a HUGE success by all accounts. Wait till you see the pics!

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