Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunshine State

We are in the sunshine state... and I mean that geographically as well as psychologically! Scott and I arrived with Mom in tow on Sunday afternoon - after a pit stop in Atlanta to visit our dear friends, the Wagners. It has been decided that Duncan and Jackson will have appreciation for the beach like that of their mother... they seemed very content in the cool breeze listening to the soothing waves!

We have also spent a day at GGmom (Great Grandmom) and GGdad's condo pool and took a field trip with all the ladies (GGmom, Aunt Jo, GrandJan, and Stacia) to Target for the last hoorah of baby registry. All in all, we are feeling very happy and blessed - enjoying our last vacation with no babies!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I think I have failed to mention Jackson's new hiding spot - MY RIBS. It is like he tucks up under them and then teases me with discomfort. I keep nudging him away from that area, and he keeps coming back for more~

Picture at left- most recent prego belly (as of TODAY). Getting HUGE if you ask me!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

All alone and loving it

Scott is in Cleveland, celebrating St. Patrick's Day and his good friend (and groomsman) Naveen for the accomplishment of his PHD defense. And I am here, in our clean home (thanks to a certain girlfriend who helped us clean yesterday!!!) getting to spend time with myself and our babies. I just finished reading them "Chicka Chicka Boom" and "This Napping House" - two of the first books given to them by one of our friends.

I realized in today's silence that silence will be a priceless comodity in future months. Wow. I must relish it now!

Last night Lynette and I scouted out the Columbus Mother of Twins Biannual Sale (yesterday was her birthday too!). The actual sale was today, but members of the club (of which I am an "honorary" member for being pregnant with twins!) get in for a sneak preview Fri evening. We went NUTS over the adorable boy outfits. I have always said I wouldn't be crazy about buying identical outfits... but COME ON - they were all too cute! So, it was a successful sale, all in all.

I am counting down until Florida!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Doing what babies do"

The gal at the high risk OB's office (Debby), who did the initial ultra sound detecting Duncan's heart defect, has made it a priority to do every ultra sound since with us. She got to see our emotion and angst in its rawest of moments, and - I think - feels an obligation to stay with us through the journey. What a dear she is... yesterday she stayed past when she was supposed to leave, just to see us through the check-up ultra sound. The title of today's blog was her quote, in response to Scott's inquiry, "So, when they're moving like that, that's good right?" Debby: "Yep, they are just doing what babies do... they're doing their thing."

Dr. Fox, the OB himself, then visited to give his two-cent's worth. We always worry a bit about what he'll say... he seems to always be brutally honest about the icky possibilities of risk. But yesterday he said things looked "fantastic." Their weights are slightly different: Jackson at 1.46 pounds and Duncan slightly under, but not enough to be worried about. Everything else seems to be progressing like normal! There has been no decompensation in the condition of Duncan's heart... it continues to look the same without worstening. So that's good.

And - of course of utmost importance - WE ARE ON FOR FLORIDA. He was our last check-point before deciding fully that it was OK to go. YEY!

Monday, March 12, 2007

2 weeks and counting...

Two weeks from today, Scott and I will be in the sunny state of Florida. Thank goodness, the time change this past weekend coincided with a break in spring temperatures (up to 67 on Friday!), so we get to "ease" into the warm... ok HOT... temperatures Florida will offer us in a couple weeks.

Until then, it is work as usual. Both Scott and I are pretty darn ready for a change of pace from work and a chance to clear our minds. We will get to visit with Grandmom and Grandad McClain (who, by the way, would like to be called "GG-mom" and "GG-dad" when they become Great Grandparents!), as well as the Hill Family (need to get some names assigned to you guys too!). Mom (GrandJan) is coming along with us on our road trip, so it will be a great time. Let me just comment that trying on maternity swimsuits in the Target dressing room lighting in the dead of winter (i.e. white pasty skin) was not the MOST rewarding experience...

Tonight we had dinner with Ricci and Diane - Scott's parents - who I believe want to be called "Grandpa" and "Granny" - but that's still tentative as of now. We busted out the twin stroller for them to experience maneuvering it and getting a general feel for its function. They both passed the test... but Diane commented that it looked like a LOT of work to get that thing unfolded and into action ( I have to admit, it IS HUGE!). When Duncan and Jackson visit Grandpa and Granny, they might not be taking any walks!

Today was another appointment with my regular OB. Bear in mind, there are a total of 5 professionals actively involved in this pregnancy and birth - Dr. Paul (delivering doctor and regular OB), Dr. Fox (high-risk OB and consultant to Dr. Paul about the twin nature of our pregnancy), Dr. Kua (pediactric cardiologist at Children's), Becky (our dear nurse at Children's, who essentially serves as the social nurterer through the process), and last - but not least - Dr. Galantawics (heart surgeon who will be responsible for making Duncan's heart work!). Anyway, Dr. Paul today did a routine check-up, involving a quick look at an ultra sound. Her comment was "Wow, their fluid looks really good." Whatever that means!! Actually, I did ask - and she said that there looks to be a perfect amount of amniotic fluid surrounding each baby, and a balanced amount for each as well. Gotta take every blessing we can get - thank goodness for good fluid! Otherwise, she gave us the go-ahead for the Florida trip. Yey!

And lastly, (I know, I know - I gotta update this thing more often!), I want to report that Mom and Dad Johnson made a trip to visit here in Columbus this past weekend. They claim they bring the good weather whenever the come! We had a nice time - mainly relaxing - but Mom did get going on painting the second crib white. It is in progress, and the nursery will make a serious transition once both cribs are up and running. Can't wait!!!

Signing off - Until next time!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Van Shopping...

Okay, we are in a dilemma. We don't like any of our van selections, but we need to buy one. I (Scott) am going through a pre-midlife crisis. 6 months ago we were looking at mini-coopers, now we are getting excited about the automatic sliding side doors of a Town and Country. Stop the world, I want to get off.

I felt the babies for the first time on Wed. night. It was incredible.