Saturday, March 28, 2009

More fun in the Arthur Adventure

Jackson's first graduation

Today marks a special day in Jackson's world. He is an official graduate of the YMCA's water tots program. Which translates to: he now knows how to splash, splash and splash some more. It really was a neat experience - it was Daddy and his "thing" together and he got quite a bit more comfortable in the water. When I saw that darling little red certificate signifiying his "graduation," I couldn't help but wonder how many more "graduations" we have yet to experience in his fun little life. Crazy to think...

Fun with PLAY DOH

We're on a play-doh kick at home. Jackson is turning out to be quite the metro-sexual with accesorizing jewelry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sullivan and Family

Just a bit before pushing - drugs are GREAT!
Moments old... and not sure he likes it out here.

All 7 lbs 7 ozs of fuzzy pink skin!

Proud Da Da (did I mention the man just underwent wisdom tooth surgery - all 4 removed! - the day before?)

Sullivan and Mama

Jackson and Mommy


The full family

Gma Lynette

All bundled

Mi kids have the BEST noses

Mommy/son picnic a la Methodist Hospital

Gma Lynette and Sullivan

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sullivan Scott Arthur

... is out!

And he is precious and darling and peaceful and adorable and cuddly and cute and OURS!!!

Sullivan Scott was born Friday, March 20th at 1:04pm. He is a perfect 7lbs 7 ozs and 19 inches long. Real shots to come, but for now, picture dark hair and small little scrunched up features.

Since his arrival, I have:
~ slept on my belly (not able to do when pregnant)
~ drunk a full-leaded (caffeinated!) pepsi (limited caffeine when pregnant)
~ eaten lunch meat (not allowed to do when pregnant)
~ taken a luxurious bath (full belly immersion) in extra hot water (advised not to boil the baby when pregnant!)

I already miss being pregnant, but I sure am enjoying the simple, fine things of non-pregnant life! Ha.

We're still at the hospital today (Sun) and will be through tomorrow. Sullivan's kidney dilation (which we knew about in utero) is being checked in on by tests tomorrow. We will know better what the course of action is at that time. Could be just routine follow up, could be some form of intervention ( minor surgery). Either way, this is a very small health concern!

In the meantime, Jackson Reed Arthur is being the best big brother he can be. In other words, he's "tolerating" Sullivan. He has given kisses, hugs, high fives, and "fist pumps" to his new bro. And, in a 22 month old's world, that is love. Otherwise, he is operating quite successfully as the CENTER of his Grandma's universe... Gma Lynette flew in Sat morning and is giving him all the attention Daddy and Mommy can't at the moment - PLUS SOME! Thank goodness for Gmas!

I am feeling great (physically). And feeling grateful (soulfully). How did I get THIS lucky?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

I've been pestered by some dear friends and family to post an updated shojt of my belly. Here it is! In my 38 week glory!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 centimeters

That's how dilated I am! I spare no details, do I!? My 37 week appointment on Friday went great. All is looking good and now we're just waiting for Sesame to be ripe!

In the mean time, I can't get enough of my 21 month old. I feel like these last few weeks/days/hours are all so precious. And he is in a HOOT of a stage... ranging from adorably cute, giggly, creative, sweet, and even occasionally cuddly to stubborn, disobedient, insubordinate and ornery. It all depends on the day. Oh, but how he makes me smile. Even when I have to run out of Barnes and Nobles in sheer shame for how he behaved while within. Even then, I manage to smirk at the "fun" of being a mom to the little guy.

Meanwhile, Dad participated in the Water Tots class at the YMCA for J-man this morning. I opted to stay OUT of the water and therefore OUT of swimwear. In fact, there was a special "Spring into Fitness" themed day at the Y this AM, which included chair massages for FREE, so you can imagine where I spent the half hour my boys were in the pool... yum. It felt AWESOME.

Then this afternoon we went as a family to Quarry Hill, a nature center here in Rochester with neat-o paths and a cool indoor area for aquariums that house a variety of amphibians. I think EVERYONE in Rochester was enjoying the fake Spring today. It reached 50 degrees!

Post bath/shower attire (both Jackson and I believe that if towels/robes would be acceptable as full-time wear, we'd be happier people)
Speaking of wear, couldn't resist snapping this shot of Jacksonian "dressing up" with Mommy's scarf and Daddy's hat

Thursday, March 5, 2009

36 weeks and ticking

Yesterday was my 36 week appointment (we're doing the weekly thing these days!). My belly seemed to be measuring small and the babe's heart beat was reading a little low, so doc wanted to check in on my amniotic fluid supply and observe baby's overall activity... off to the ultra sound room I went. Jackson, mind you, had been a GOOD little boy throughout the office visit. [Poor guy got caught on the wrong side of the room when doc checked my dilation (1 cm, by the way!) - I think he'll be scarred for life to see that scene!!!]

So when, at 4:40pm (when I thought we'd be heading home and starting our dinner ritual), I had to get this ultra sound done, I wondered what to do with Jackson. Thank goodness for Cathy, some compassionate nurse who volunteered to stroll Jackson for 25 minutes while I took care of business in the ultra sound room (NOT a kid-friendly sort of room). Talk about trust. Off they went down the hallway - and I had met the woman 30 seconds prior. Oh well, it takes a village. And besides that, I had no choice.

So I guess I should get to the point... the ultra sound revealed that I am FINE on amniotic fluid and the baby's weight is equally FINE - a fat 6 lbs 13 ounces. So nothing to worry about (although as I got comfortable in there and had to wait a few secs for the technician, I have to say my mind was spinning: "Ok, who will watch Jackson if they need to induce me tonight? I don't have freakin sub plans for school tomorrow! Did I pack my hospital bag yet? Oh, yeah, that's right... I started and so far all that's in there is an Enya CD and the baby's outfit to come home in. Great, I'm as unprepared as it gets. Will Scott make it back from LA? I am going to TOTALLY milk this experience for a lifetime if I have to deliver this baby alone.")

So once we established that all is well. I started zeroing in on that estimated weight: six pounds, thirteen ounces. That weight is precisely 2 pounds heavier than each boy was at delivery last time. Two pounds. TWO STINKIN POUNDS. So how much WIDER does two pounds make a baby's head, a baby's shoulders... Oh, geez. I'm freaking out about this labor. I gotta push out a FULL SIZED BABY... before I pushed out mini-babies. Granted, there were two. But STILL.

I finally calmed down.

Although a slightly interesting appointment, Jackson and I left feeling confident again. He was an angel, according to Nurse Cathy, during his impromptu stroller ride, and I was comforted that Baby Sesame is looking good in there. All is right with the world.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a big hit in our family at the moment. Here he is in all his glory. Most days Jackson gets his anatomy more accurate. But tonight's "Picasso head" made me giggle enough to get the camera. He must be in an "arm" phase.