Thursday, March 5, 2009

36 weeks and ticking

Yesterday was my 36 week appointment (we're doing the weekly thing these days!). My belly seemed to be measuring small and the babe's heart beat was reading a little low, so doc wanted to check in on my amniotic fluid supply and observe baby's overall activity... off to the ultra sound room I went. Jackson, mind you, had been a GOOD little boy throughout the office visit. [Poor guy got caught on the wrong side of the room when doc checked my dilation (1 cm, by the way!) - I think he'll be scarred for life to see that scene!!!]

So when, at 4:40pm (when I thought we'd be heading home and starting our dinner ritual), I had to get this ultra sound done, I wondered what to do with Jackson. Thank goodness for Cathy, some compassionate nurse who volunteered to stroll Jackson for 25 minutes while I took care of business in the ultra sound room (NOT a kid-friendly sort of room). Talk about trust. Off they went down the hallway - and I had met the woman 30 seconds prior. Oh well, it takes a village. And besides that, I had no choice.

So I guess I should get to the point... the ultra sound revealed that I am FINE on amniotic fluid and the baby's weight is equally FINE - a fat 6 lbs 13 ounces. So nothing to worry about (although as I got comfortable in there and had to wait a few secs for the technician, I have to say my mind was spinning: "Ok, who will watch Jackson if they need to induce me tonight? I don't have freakin sub plans for school tomorrow! Did I pack my hospital bag yet? Oh, yeah, that's right... I started and so far all that's in there is an Enya CD and the baby's outfit to come home in. Great, I'm as unprepared as it gets. Will Scott make it back from LA? I am going to TOTALLY milk this experience for a lifetime if I have to deliver this baby alone.")

So once we established that all is well. I started zeroing in on that estimated weight: six pounds, thirteen ounces. That weight is precisely 2 pounds heavier than each boy was at delivery last time. Two pounds. TWO STINKIN POUNDS. So how much WIDER does two pounds make a baby's head, a baby's shoulders... Oh, geez. I'm freaking out about this labor. I gotta push out a FULL SIZED BABY... before I pushed out mini-babies. Granted, there were two. But STILL.

I finally calmed down.

Although a slightly interesting appointment, Jackson and I left feeling confident again. He was an angel, according to Nurse Cathy, during his impromptu stroller ride, and I was comforted that Baby Sesame is looking good in there. All is right with the world.


Emily said...

Do not worry (I know, stop saying that) the body of a woman is made to do that and head shoulders and whole body of that little person will make it out just fine.
How cliche do I sound? But YOU of all people can do it, you are stronger than you even know it, for all the pain will disappear when you look into the eyes of that sweet little baby.
And Scarthur needs to get home, I am SO glad to hear that Seseame looks good.
Although to be completely honest with you (after birthing three 6-7 pound kiddies)the doctor told me EVERY time that the baby looked (by ultrasound) to be 8lbs 2ounces, 8lbs even and 7lbs 3ounces. Keep in mind Hannah and Charlie were both late and Austin was two weeks early. And the doctor and ultrasound tech were all WRONG. Hannah was 7lbs 3 ounces, Charlie was 6 lbs 6 ounces, and Austin was 6lbs 12ounces....which lead me to believe after three times that they have really no idea.
Just my two cents, but they always round up.
Love you~!

Jenn said...

look on the bright's unlikely that sesame will reach 10lbs, 4oz which is what my brother weighed at pushed him out without an epidural and lived to tell about it (granted, he's continued to be a major pain ever since but that's a whole 'nother issue...=)

so when you're tempted to be doubtful or scared just remember that it could be much worse!! and i know that you're going to do awesome regardless...

love ya,

bb mcclain said...

Tristan weighed over eleven pounds. Abby said the happiest part of his birth was not being pregnant anymore. He's almost as big as I am now. Hang in there Tricia