Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picnic in the park

Sullivan's spot during the fun: in the jogging stroller chillin

This was moments before Jackson lost his balance and tipped back off the picnic table, clocking his head on the ground. All part of the fun....

Bathing Beauties

This is the embaressing "Mom-did-you-have-to-record-this-in-our-family-photo-album" picture. Gotta have at least one of those!


Here is dear, sweet Sullivan at 4 months. Is he a cheeser or what? Note: At his 4 month appointment, which we tag-teamed with Jackson's 2 year appointment, we learned that Sullivan is in the 75th percentile for weight, while Jackson is in the 7th. No two children are alike...

Now it's in the bird bath

When I noticed that birds were landing on the fountain ledge and then flying off again, I figured it was due to the fact that the water had dried up.

Not the case.

In fact, it was because Jackson must've transported a few of those deer pellots there as well as carried them around.

When I walked over to the bird fountain with my hose, I found the container filled with water... with 4 pellots at the bottom. I'm pretty sure no deer is tall enough OR flexible enough to hike a leg that high and take dump.

The mystery continues --- just what else did Jackson do with the doo?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sticks and Deer Poop May Breakk My Bones

Last night while Jackson and I were preforming our nightly flower-watering duties, I noticed he had collected a couple small black pebbles and was carrying them around with him. Thinking this was very "boy" of him, I moved along without much more consideration.

When it was time to come inside, I was preparing my speech about how we needed to leave the outside "things" outside when we came inside. In other words, DROP THE ROCKS, kid.

The speech changed dramatically when I discovered they were indeed deer poop pellots. Followed by intense hand washing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Molly Walker

Molly Walker is my friend. She and I met during new teacher orientation when we began working for Olentangy Liberty High School in Columbus, Ohio. (Can you believe she is now an assistant principal there!!!?). Molly's quick wit, sarcastic responses, and quality character drew to me to her right away. When I became pregnant and was losing my mom in the same season of life, Molly became a great source of wisdom - both offering parenting tips and thoughts about how to remember and celebrate my mom in her last days (Molly lost her mother prematurely as well).

So here we are, 4 years later. Molly and her family visited me on their way to the Twin Cities last Friday. I got to craft with her two daughters and show them Mayo, as well as just reconnect and chat. Thanks Molly - for a great visit!

Molly's 2 kiddos, Kate and Megan, showcasing their handcrafted sunflowers
Kate, Jackson, and Megan... he couldn't get enough of them!

Brother play

Once could hardly consider this "play," but it's the best we can do at these ages...

Jackson is racing cars down a makeshift (cardboard) ramp and Sullivan is eagerly watching in his bumbo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

First the chocolate milk, then ICE CREAM!

As I mentioned, Jackson had a pretty rough afternoon yesterday, what with smashing his finger to smitherines and all. The only two sources of comfort after the tragedy were 1) Finding Nemo (thank goodness he's starting to pay attention to movies - a little bit) and 2) chocolate milk.

As if he weren't spoiled enough from that, I went today to Dairy Queen for his very first summer ice cream cone. His first one at all, actually. Loved the moment!

Smashed finger

Jackson has one. And it is bad. Purple and beat up. Door got it. Little hope in salvaging the nail.

Poor guy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de KY and OH

Justin (Uncle JJ) and Sullivan

Sullivan WALKING!

Uncle JJ, Scott, and Jackson

Great Aunt Lisa (G.A.L.) and Sullivan

Great Uncle Brad (GUB) and Jessica - the birthday girl!

Nanny, Papa, and Daddy

Uncle JJ is Jackson's BEST friend here

Family lunch

GGmom and GGdad, jessica and jackson on Baughman farm

My FAVORITE pic from the trip... love he expression

A walk on the Ohio river

Nautical themed matching outfits - don't they belong on a magazine cover?

If you can believe this, Isaac Reash (baby on right, son to Theresa DeCenzo Reash) is a few weeks OLDER than Sullivan... he's longer and thinner. Our babe is shorter and fatter. Gotta love diversity.

Birthday Brownie from Theresa and KK (yes, there are 30 candles on there!)

Kev comes home from work and entertains the Motley Crew

Nancy loving on Sullivan (she's the baby QUEEN!)

Last couple are COSI pics - loved that place!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Back from our whirlwind of a trip to KY and OH. I will say - right in the beginning - that Scott and I are feeling frustrated that we could not visit with all the people we love. We hit up our families mainly, and left a LOT of friends out. I guess that's how it works when one lives so far away from one's family. So sorry - to the folks we didn't get to see. We love you!

But we're back. And I'm starting to resurface again.

My favorite new things Jackson is saying these days:

"Sowwy Mommy."
"Wuv you much." (Love you SO much)
"I Gotcha."
"You betcha" (Thanks Jenn!)
"Alrighty then."
"Mo Awnmower" ("More lawnmower" - always alerts me to the fact that one is running - when is one NOT? - and wants to see more)
"I onno" ("I don't know")
"Where are you?"

He also loves saying:
Nacks (snack)
Hungee (hungry)
Air conditioning
Electricity (The electricity went out recently and I had to explain to him that the lights are not working because the electricity isn't working [blame it on the poor squirrel soul who caused our transformer to blow] and he is now FIXATED on the word)
Pillow Party
Baby Van