Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de KY and OH

Justin (Uncle JJ) and Sullivan

Sullivan WALKING!

Uncle JJ, Scott, and Jackson

Great Aunt Lisa (G.A.L.) and Sullivan

Great Uncle Brad (GUB) and Jessica - the birthday girl!

Nanny, Papa, and Daddy

Uncle JJ is Jackson's BEST friend here

Family lunch

GGmom and GGdad, jessica and jackson on Baughman farm

My FAVORITE pic from the trip... love he expression

A walk on the Ohio river

Nautical themed matching outfits - don't they belong on a magazine cover?

If you can believe this, Isaac Reash (baby on right, son to Theresa DeCenzo Reash) is a few weeks OLDER than Sullivan... he's longer and thinner. Our babe is shorter and fatter. Gotta love diversity.

Birthday Brownie from Theresa and KK (yes, there are 30 candles on there!)

Kev comes home from work and entertains the Motley Crew

Nancy loving on Sullivan (she's the baby QUEEN!)

Last couple are COSI pics - loved that place!


Lepus said...

In case I forgot, and I know I did. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Love the pics!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

You weren't kidding... that was a whirlwind if I've ever seen one! I bet everyone was so thrilled to see you.