Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gma Decker visits

We ended up planning our adventure to Faith's Lodge, a retreat center for bereaved parents in WI, on the same weekend that Lynette came for her visit. It was a delightful weekend - weather fantastic and we met some incredible people with heavy stories. It was good for us to celebrate and reflect on Duncan... more on this later. But I wanted to post a couple pictures of Gma Lynette and the boys. There was a canoe and paddle boat there!!!

Big 6 month old!!

This kid is a hoot. Have you seen the thighs? I cannot believe he's 6 months old!

Copy Cats

Sullivan did it

So Jackson had to do it

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crockpots not for the absent-minded

I didn't know you could screw up with a slow cooker...

Leave it to me.

So last Wednesday around dinner-time I popped a few chicken breasts into my handy-dandy crock pot (i've begun cooking my chicken this way 99% of the time - so tender and delicious!) in preparation for chicken salad and such the next day.

Fast forward to 5:45am Thursday morning. I walk down the hallway to my bathroom, eyes half closed - to take my shower. I smelled a distinct chicken-y smell...

That's right, I slow cooked my chicken breasts ALL NIGHT long... that's a total of 13 hours. THIRTEEN HOURS!

It all worked out. Not too dried out.

But I don't highly recommend it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play-doh people, a smiley guy, and "Cooking Class"

We're on a people-making kick with the play-doh. And they MUST hold hands. I guess this is the male version of paper-doll-making!I wish I could catch a good pic of this guy smiling withOUT fists obstructing the view! This was a sweet moment, though. The little guy laughs/smiles/chuckles at ANYthing. I love him!

I'm not sure what I expected when I signed Jackson up for a toddler cooking class. But, for whatever reason, I was a bit disappointed in do-it-yourself peanut butter banana sandwiches and carrots with food coloring colored dip. I suppose my expectations were a bit too lofty... what did I think they'd teach my 2 year old? How to saute vegetables? This was a family class, so above are Daddy and Jackson TEARING UP the carrot table.

Tennis Buddies

Scott's interest in tennis was fueled by his dad. Ricci (Grandpa) and Scott used to play endlessly when Scott was young. Scott went on to play in both high school and college. When I came across a child's tennis/badmitten racket at Goodwill a couple weeks back, how could I resist?

So when Grandpa was in town last weekend and the US Open was on to boot, you can imagine how the Arthur men bonded over the game. Jackson pulled up his chair to the TV and kept saying "watch ennis. watch ennis." Then, he would look at Grandpa and say "pay ennis pees!" So that they did... if you can call swatting one's racket at thin air "tennis!"

The Arthur men, watching the US Open

Sullivan and Grandpa
At the Farmer's Market

Just too darn cute

Scott was the photographer on these couple shots... SO GOOD!

A new pattern

These past couple weeks have brought a new pattern of living: Up at 5:45. Shower and makeup and hair till 6:10. Dress till 6:15. Cereal and hot tea till 6:30. Devotional and meditate/pray till 6:45. Get kiddos dressed and teeth brushed (in one boy's case!) till 6:55. Pile in car till 6:57. Arrive at Cassie's at 6:58 - 7:00(2 minutes built in for when winter gear necessary... that's added time!). Drop Scott off at gym (on some days) by 7:05. At school by 7:15. Get room ready till 7:25. 1st hour till 8:31. 2nd hour till 9:25. 3rd hour (every other day) till 10:20. Speed home by 10:35am. Running clothes on by 10:45. GO ON A DELIGHTFUL RUN (every other day) till 11:15. Shower till 11:25. Pick up kiddos from Cassie's by 11:30 (every other day... days i don't run she keeps them till 11).

I am LOVING it. I love teaching. I love my boys. I love how comfortable I am with Cassie watching both of them. I love Fall. So - new pattern good.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Picasso is becoming more advanced

My little toddler's art skills are advancing, that's for sure. Compared to last year at around this time, we are seeing HUGE leaps and bounds in his creativity... ha. We have recently been focusing on the sophisticated art of "sponge painting." The results of such technique have never made it to a museum wall, but we're happy to display them on ours.
Below are from July of last year...

Sullivan and Mommy/Daddy Time

Oh, so precious are the moments when Sullivan gets us all to himself. Last weekend was one of those opportunities. Jackson was taking his afternoon nap and Sullivan awoke from his a tad early. So, we captured the little turkey in some pictures. This sweet little boy is ALWAYS in a good mood. I can type that without even having to knock on wood, cuz it's ALWAYS true.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Just finished a solid week of teacher meetings and workshops. I had forgotten what it felt like to be in meetings all day! Tuesday is when school begins. Feels great to be back apart of the workforce again. Doing what I love. Lucky gal.

Grandpa Arthur is visiting now. He's here for the long weekend.

Happy Labor Day, all!