Thursday, July 24, 2008

My sacred spot and alternative sexual choices

Last weekend, when I mentioned to Scott my little mini dream about a place in the backyard for MY hammock and MY peace and MY shade and MY tranquility, action happened. We've not been real great yard-people in our previous two homes... just making do, but not "creating" much. So when I mentioned I'd really like to be proactive about it this time, Scott went to work.

The involved area is in our side yard and there are two GORGEOUS pine trees that have a soft, welcoming bed of needles under them. I had this vision of a hammock going there and maybe later some other really great bird feeders, a fountain, etc, etc. Again, the key words here are MY SACRED SPACE. But in order for the dream to even begin, some lower hanging branches needed to be removed. With our handy dandy hand saw thingy I got for my birthday (THANKS DAD!), he went to town without me knowing. When I discovered the progress, I was so thrilled that I busted out the hammock that very night and I have since had many a diet coke and phone conversation in that very space. Not to mention, book readings and post-bed-time conversations with Scott. It's fantastic. I'll try to post a pic soon.

But while I'm on the topic of my outdoor industriousness, let me tell you who else has been industrious outside: a pair of deer... gorgeous, majestic deer, who just happen to take a liking to my plants.... and the plants that produce the most beautiful blooms (like Hydranga - sp? - inparticular) are the ones I have yet to see a bloom ON as a result. I'm working on some options to keep them away from the flowers, but the most intriguing thing is that the pair both have antlers. I asked around to find out if females grow antlers at any point in their development, and everyone seems to say no. So then I thought maybe it was "guy" night the one time I saw them together. Since, I've seen them repeatedly together. So the question remains, do I have a pair of homosexual deer in my yard?

I welcome them, if so. I welcome them, if not. I've just not seen such a thing.

I will keep you posted about any more developments I observe about their sexual choice. I'm sure you'll be holding your breath.


Shauna said...

The safe haven sounds WONDERFUL!! And your title through me off. :)

Jessica Stockdale Priestland said...


Crazy, but, this is Jessica Stockdale (now Priestland), your old tennis buddy and Cooker co-worker. I have been trying to get in contact with you over the last few years... probably since you were in need of an assitant coach... long, long time ago.. I am so sorry that I didn't find you or this blog much earlier. Please email me at or look me up on Facebook if you have an account.
Your family seems absolutely LOVELY! (Hi Tricia.. I hope I'm not interrupting your blog...but I couldn't find a way to contact you guys just via email)
Hope to hear from you soon! Jessica

Lepus said...

Awww....Bambi has two mommies.

whoome? said...

Lepus, I dont know you, but I like you and your sense of humor!
But wouldnt it be Bambi have two Daddies?

this is good stuff, thank you for the story and let me know about any further developments... I can only hold my breath a little longer!!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Tricia, you always seem to inspire me to research something. Your questions about the sexual preference of deer had me heading online this time. Here's what I found: "Although whitetails are social animals that are found in herds, the sexes stay largely divided. Outside the breeding season, a mature buck almost never stays with a "doe unit", or a group of does and fawns."

Aha... so your bucks are traveling around in a bachelor pack, if you will. :) Wait until this fall when the rut comes in, you'll see more sexual action than you'll care to!

Anyway, glad you've found a nice comfy spot to relax. I've thought about a hammock for a few years somewhere in our giant yard... still haven't gotten to that.