Monday, July 21, 2008

All about Jackson

I've been so self-absorbed in my past couple "quest to find friend" entries, that I may have disillusioned you into believing that our lives may not be "all about Jackson."

But truth be told, he still is the center of our universe. So back to pictures of our little guy.

The first few are all of Sunday night's Concert by the River. We took our picnic blanket and chairs and enjoyed bubbles and music. It was nice. Jackson has yet to realize that although he is the center of OUR attention, he may not be center stage of EVERYONE'S picnic (he spent much time on other family's territory, just walking over, plopping on THEIR blanket and looking up with a smile as if to say, "Ain't I cute, watcha got for me?") Pretty social, the little dude. I think he's all about human interaction. Hmmm. Must've got that from Scott.

And now... drum roll: Jackson's 1 year gift... HIS RED WAGON!

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Aunt Lisa said...

All Jackson needs is his Mr. Amazing cape! What a cutie.