Saturday, July 12, 2008

Correction and Addition

Correction: I have referred to Mayo as the #1 Hospital in the US... I am mistaken. John Hopkins, in Baltimore, takes the cake in rankings. Mayo is #2. Just want to clarify. Maybe I got carried away. Being here is so strange in that EVERYTHING revolves around Mayo. EVERYTHING. It is what keeps this town alive. I can think of worst things keeping towns alive!! You can tell everyone speaks about it with such respect and appreciation, like: "Yeah, we owe our economic welfare to Mayo" or "Mayo is the heart of this city. It's an amazing place." It's hard to explain just how BIG it is.

Addition to the list of Things Different in Minnesota:

#4) Everyone here has water softeners. When I was viewing homes in the area the first time with our real estate agent, I felt stupid asking, "Are those helium tanks, or what?" In the basement of each home is this vertical tubular thing that serves to soften the water. It's SO soft in our home... still haven't gotten used to washing my hands. I keep rubbing and rubbing them together trying to get the "soap" off, when really the suds are gone. All that's left is REALLY REALLY soft water. And I've been in enough church camp lakes to know what a gal's hair feels like saturated in pond scum. That's about what my hair feels like when showering too. Ha! Slimy, yet satisfying.


Shauna said...

I grew up in Arizona and they have soft water tanks there too. :) It is different, isn't it? :) Your hair will get used to it and actually be very soft and fluffy. :)

Congrats on Cassie. It sounds like things are falling right into place.

Sherri said...

Oh my...I did not know that some people did not have water softeners?! We have one here in Canton...strange!