Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bison Feeding

There's this WAY cool website,, which I have been using as my road map for navigating summer fun in this city. Typically, I find fun Mom-and-Jackson things to do during the week, but today I visited the site... wondering if the whole fam might enjoy a neat activity. And that's when I discovered an advertisement for Bison Feeding at a cool county park, one itsy bitsy town away from ours.

When I called to ask about the event, I learned not only that we would be instructed by an expert on the nature of bison in the wild, but that it would also be free to the public, along with entry to the mini zoo there as well. All I needed to hear was FREE. SIGN ME UP!

Jackson was stoked about the whole thing. He is finally getting to the age where appreciation of zoos, animals, and general kid-fun (just not art) is beginning to happen. It was awesome.

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Sharon Williams, M.Ed., Certified Professional Resume Writer said...

Tricia, love reading your posts and keeping up with your happenings! Thinking of you! -- Sharon & Larry Williams, Findlay, O!