Saturday, July 12, 2008

Positive energy and prayers appreciated!

Well, I'm not sure who's on our team in contact with God - but the communication is paying off!

Scott and I had grown nervous after I accepted the position at Kellogg MS working half-days about how Jackson would be cared for during that time. Initially, it seemed like a relatively simple search: Decent-priced child-care for a darling 13 month old from 7 - 11 am M-F. But decent-priced and part-time do not always go hand in hand, as I discovered early on in our search. The child care "centers" wanted to be paid full days despite the number of hours the child was left there. And individual "nannies" who do in-home care seemed to charge an arm and a leg. SO there Scott and I were, middle of last week, thinking WE'RE GOING TO BREAK EVEN with my part time pay. Yall know I have a servant's heart, but COME ON!

Then, we found our gal. Cassie is her name. I got into contact with the local Child Care Referral Center (who knew there was such a thing??), who offers free services to help connect providers with clients. So I was able to search online, and found a few in-home child care/preschools willing to do half days. I called 8 places, left 7 messages, and spoke with one: Cassie. When I googled her address, it said she was .2 minutes away. WHAT? That's right, she lives five houses down. FIVE HOUSES DOWN (what confused me initially and the reason for my mapquesting is that our street turns into another, hers is the other)!

So we met with her the day I found her. Contacted her references that evening. Called her later that evening and said, "WE'LL TAKE THE SPOT!" ( She said "You bet.") She is very reasonable in pay and has three other little tikes each day, one of which is her own daughter, Johanna, who is 19 mos. Cassie is warm and hard-working. I think Jackson will dig her (and maybe her daughter even more!).

How blessed we are. I think about the trials people face with buying and selling homes and, separately, finding child care. I cannot believe how smoothly all of these transactions have gone for us. I am very grateful to God for blessing our adventure. And to all of you who were sending positive waves of energy out to Him for us.

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