Friday, July 18, 2008

The ole "drop the books" trick may have worked for teeny-boppers to attract attention from their high school crush (before backpacks were invented, of course). How else was an actual exhange supposed to happen, what with the crowded school halls, quick pace, and distractions all around?

I know likening my friend quest to high school crushes is slightly strange.

But that's how I felt Wednesday at the library. I had arrived early again, discussing my new Rochester Public Library card and its offerings with the VERY librarian-looking librarian - when in came Miss Corinne. We got eye contact, and made a quick nod, recognizing each other. I thought... gotta follow through with my promise to myself... gonna find her as soon as I finish up here. The crowd was even BIGGER than last week for the afternoon children's entertainment. There were kids, parents, and strollers EVERYWHERE. I got in line. Couldn't find her again anywhere. Ugh.

In we went. And managing a spot near her, much less FINDING her was an impossibility. Jackson and I managed to entertain each other through the ENTIRE 30 minute performance (Kuddos to me - he's SO underaged for it... at one point I wondered if I had a sign on my face reading, "I know, I know - my son is way not ready for this kind of activity and, excuse him for the occasional high pitched screaming interruptions, but I'm here for other, more selfish reasons. Friends? Friends? Anyone?), enduring it in full length JUST to get the chance to find Corinne again afterwards.

And there she was! I wanted to drop some books or something to draw attention to ME, as she was in a dialogue with two other moms, introducing them to each other as it were. I dangled in the background with Jackson for a good few minutes. She saw me and gave a quick wave. I waved back, thinking HOW MUCH MORE DESPERATE LOOKING COULD I GET? (answer: dropping books). And when I saw no opportunity for her conversation to include one more Mom (and Jackson was at the end of his own rope), I retreated. Like a sorry, disappointed little girl. Who didn't have the guts to ask for an iced coffee date. Or at least to drop her books.

I'm really doing just fine, despite how depressing this blog may read... actually, I'm hoping you snicker from time to time as I have! I remain confident that a network of people who love me and whom I love will slowly come to be here in Rochester. For me, it's just the patience part I'm finding hard. When school gears up this Fall, I have high hopes that lots of opportunities present themselves.


whoome? said...

First of all, anyone would be SO lucky to have you as a friend.
Second of all, Becky and I moved three times when we teens to different states and it is hard to drop the books... but just DO IT!
Third...did I mention that you would be such a wonderful friend?
I have no advice for patience, seeing that I have none.
Drop those books baby!
Love you,

Donna said...

I have been very entertained by your friend "search."
Glad to hear the move has gone well. Your house looks amazing and I love all of the pics of Jackson!

Take care,