Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Composting out the window

I am sad to say that my composting efforts, while admirable at the time, went out the window since we moved to Rochester. Unlike our Winthrop property, where there was a wooded, secluded section to the back yard, there are no good spots here on our lot. Funny to think there's so much more yard but fewer "hiding" spots. Speaking of "hiding," I got to speak with the new owner of our home in Columbus, whose name is Amy, recently. She had a question about how to operate something and it dawned on my in the conversation that I ought to let her know about the compost. Imagine that explanation: "Uh, Amy. I just want you to be aware that there is a pile of rotting produce remains and yard waste in the corner of your new lot. Enjoy!"

Her response indicated to me that she may not be the environmental enthusiast that I was/am.

Since I am feeling so guilty every time I throw a banana peel in the trash (once a trained composter, always a composter at heart), I have decided to place my efforts elsewhere: water.
I realized right away that the shower in my bathroom (and I use "MY" very selfishly because Scott and I decided we operate better in separate bathrooms. His grows fungus, mine doesn't. Simple as that) leaks water through the faucet while the shower is spraying. At first, I thought it was just a trickle. But when I put my hand down there to feel, it was quite a rush of water. I went through 3 showers trying to block out the sound of perfectly good water being wasted by re-entering the drain. (Bare in mind, as well, that since my couple months in Africa and in particular my stay with my host family there, I have had major water issues. The Routh Family (my host famiyl) had water conservation down to a science, to the point where the ratio between pasta and water used to boil it in was carefully formulated so that by the time the pasta was soft, there was no water remaining. I loved that!). But then I had had enough. Not prepared to actually hire a plumber to fix the problem, every subsequent shower has been prefaced by snatching our garden watering pitcher and placing it under the faucet. My goal is to finish the shower before it begins overflowing... not QUITE met that goal yet (But I suppose I should be made to feel better about the lengths of my showers in comparison to Scott's, who claims he has permission to take extra-long showers at home since most of his week-day showers take place at the gym. Should I explain to him that water is still water and my consciousness about it is environment-motivated, not finance-motivated? Oh, my dear husband. I love every little inch of his unresourceful self!)

So then, as I'm sure you've concluded, I use the water for flowers or anything outside that looks thirsty.

Now really, there's nothing noble about the pursuit to save that water- expecially considering I'm just balancing out a negative against Mother Earth, not technically adding anything - but I'll continue to find ways for She and us to have more harmony.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Tricia, you'll be pleased to know that ever since I read your blog about composing so long ago, it inspired me to stop throwing away food (and therefore feeding all the raccoons who were ripping through our garbage bags) and instead compost it in our wooded lot. I don't have a pile, per se, but my hubby enjoys flinging my "garbage bowl" into the weeds each night. So there, the world has found its equilibrium again! :)

Lepus said...

So I should tell nutty neighbor that when my dog poops in his yard, I'm cutting his carbon footprint?

MissRebecca said...

Good for you Tricia! At least you are making the effort. You have inspired a lot of us to take a more proactive role in saving te world:) One banana peel at a time:)

OH - Preston and I have seperate bathrooms as well... his is somewhat of a science experiment ad doubles as the girls tubbie spot and mine is the spa:) Granted a water closet spa - but MY SPA:):) Miss you tons sweetie - I am loving reading about your advetures!