Friday, September 21, 2012

Photos of the fam

 I'm having serious rotating issues. If you can correctly cock your head, you can fully enjoy this little shot of all three boys: Sullivan, Anderson, and Jackson (and a few giraffes). Although our maternal Jackson's acceptance of Anderson's arrival came as no surprise, we have been happily enjoying a smooth ride for Sullivan, too. Both boys enjoy kissing toes, singing lullabies, re-inserting binkies, and generally wanting to be helpful. In fact, Jackson sometimes looks at me with his I-know-I'm-being-cute gaze and says plainly, "Mommy, thanks so very much for deciding to have this baby and for pushing him out." No sweat, dude. Happy to do it. :)
 J-man heading to preschool... one of my favorite parts of each day is the walk to his little quaint church preschool a few blocks away. Clearly, he thinks he is cool. :)
 Sullivan's favorite pasttime - SWIMMING. We were able to make one last go of the outdoor pool a couple weekends back. He loves anything having to do with the water.
Anderson's fledgling smile. He made his smiling debut on his 6 week birthday. He is officially 7 weeks today and graces us with an ocassional smirk when he wants to. He is a doll baby. Not sure why, but I have begun calling him "sugar muffin." I'm sure he'd appreciate it if that term of endearment wore off before the teen years. :) We spent the early weeks trying to figure the little kiddo out - lots of crying and bubbles in his tummy. But he has leveled out to be a quite predictable little dude now. He even lets Mommy and Daddy have a nice 5 hours stretch of sleep at night.  So glad he is part of our family. It's already hard to imagine not having Anderson McClain Arthur as part of our clan!