Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tennis Buddies

Scott's interest in tennis was fueled by his dad. Ricci (Grandpa) and Scott used to play endlessly when Scott was young. Scott went on to play in both high school and college. When I came across a child's tennis/badmitten racket at Goodwill a couple weeks back, how could I resist?

So when Grandpa was in town last weekend and the US Open was on to boot, you can imagine how the Arthur men bonded over the game. Jackson pulled up his chair to the TV and kept saying "watch ennis. watch ennis." Then, he would look at Grandpa and say "pay ennis pees!" So that they did... if you can call swatting one's racket at thin air "tennis!"

The Arthur men, watching the US Open

Sullivan and Grandpa
At the Farmer's Market

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