Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Back from our whirlwind of a trip to KY and OH. I will say - right in the beginning - that Scott and I are feeling frustrated that we could not visit with all the people we love. We hit up our families mainly, and left a LOT of friends out. I guess that's how it works when one lives so far away from one's family. So sorry - to the folks we didn't get to see. We love you!

But we're back. And I'm starting to resurface again.

My favorite new things Jackson is saying these days:

"Sowwy Mommy."
"Wuv you much." (Love you SO much)
"I Gotcha."
"You betcha" (Thanks Jenn!)
"Alrighty then."
"Mo Awnmower" ("More lawnmower" - always alerts me to the fact that one is running - when is one NOT? - and wants to see more)
"I onno" ("I don't know")
"Where are you?"

He also loves saying:
Nacks (snack)
Hungee (hungry)
Air conditioning
Electricity (The electricity went out recently and I had to explain to him that the lights are not working because the electricity isn't working [blame it on the poor squirrel soul who caused our transformer to blow] and he is now FIXATED on the word)
Pillow Party
Baby Van


bb mcclain said...

It is SO cute when they start saying things.

Tiffany McCallen said...

Isn't it the best? I love 2... what a fun age!