Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 centimeters

That's how dilated I am! I spare no details, do I!? My 37 week appointment on Friday went great. All is looking good and now we're just waiting for Sesame to be ripe!

In the mean time, I can't get enough of my 21 month old. I feel like these last few weeks/days/hours are all so precious. And he is in a HOOT of a stage... ranging from adorably cute, giggly, creative, sweet, and even occasionally cuddly to stubborn, disobedient, insubordinate and ornery. It all depends on the day. Oh, but how he makes me smile. Even when I have to run out of Barnes and Nobles in sheer shame for how he behaved while within. Even then, I manage to smirk at the "fun" of being a mom to the little guy.

Meanwhile, Dad participated in the Water Tots class at the YMCA for J-man this morning. I opted to stay OUT of the water and therefore OUT of swimwear. In fact, there was a special "Spring into Fitness" themed day at the Y this AM, which included chair massages for FREE, so you can imagine where I spent the half hour my boys were in the pool... yum. It felt AWESOME.

Then this afternoon we went as a family to Quarry Hill, a nature center here in Rochester with neat-o paths and a cool indoor area for aquariums that house a variety of amphibians. I think EVERYONE in Rochester was enjoying the fake Spring today. It reached 50 degrees!

Post bath/shower attire (both Jackson and I believe that if towels/robes would be acceptable as full-time wear, we'd be happier people)
Speaking of wear, couldn't resist snapping this shot of Jacksonian "dressing up" with Mommy's scarf and Daddy's hat


Tessa said...

I think it is time for an updated belly shot! We want to see you and Sesame at 37 weeks!

Gamma said...

How exciting for you to be reaching the end! I will say a prayer for you and sesame. The pic of you and Jackson is just precious! Enjoy you time with him, you are such a good mommy!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Hey three centimeters, how exciting! As my doctor would say, "Well, when you go into labor, you can ask for an epidural right away." Of course, that was for my benefit, not yours! :)

Have a super time waiting for this baby to arrive... it'll be here before you know it!

Emily said...

Tell your cervix I am very proud. I love you AND keep us updated!

MissRebecca said...

I am so excited for you Tricia!!! I cannot wait to see our newest addition to love!!! Keep us posted and we await the wonderful news!!!!