Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Doing what babies do"

The gal at the high risk OB's office (Debby), who did the initial ultra sound detecting Duncan's heart defect, has made it a priority to do every ultra sound since with us. She got to see our emotion and angst in its rawest of moments, and - I think - feels an obligation to stay with us through the journey. What a dear she is... yesterday she stayed past when she was supposed to leave, just to see us through the check-up ultra sound. The title of today's blog was her quote, in response to Scott's inquiry, "So, when they're moving like that, that's good right?" Debby: "Yep, they are just doing what babies do... they're doing their thing."

Dr. Fox, the OB himself, then visited to give his two-cent's worth. We always worry a bit about what he'll say... he seems to always be brutally honest about the icky possibilities of risk. But yesterday he said things looked "fantastic." Their weights are slightly different: Jackson at 1.46 pounds and Duncan slightly under, but not enough to be worried about. Everything else seems to be progressing like normal! There has been no decompensation in the condition of Duncan's heart... it continues to look the same without worstening. So that's good.

And - of course of utmost importance - WE ARE ON FOR FLORIDA. He was our last check-point before deciding fully that it was OK to go. YEY!

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Barry said...

Well here in Louisville its getting quite "springy" but today it's dipping down again to the 50's. Glad everything is going as expected with D and J.
Love, Uncle Bear and Guncle Bear