Friday, May 25, 2007

No More Bragging

That's it. I have officially decided NOT to boast about how wonderful my sleep has been or any other pregnancy inconvenience I have been spared. It never fails, right after I brag about being able to sleep pretty well and staying generally comfortable - I have a HORRIBLE night's sleep. Last night I must have woken every half hour. Then, from 4:00am on for good. Good training, right?

Plenty of think-time though! I have mental plans for how we are going to add another room onto the back side of our house and extend a screened-in porch onto the east side of our garage. Yeah right. At least when I am not dreaming for-real at night, I can my own little private dream session!

Good news from yesterday's nonstress test: Both babies passed with flying colors. They are looking for a 15 beat per minute acceleration from the resting rate at least twice within a 20 minute period of time from both twins. This coming Tuesday is the nest weight estimation, which of course is my favorite part. We are shooting for nearing the 5 lb mark!!!

In other good news, today marks 33 weeks! 33 WEEKS! Can you believe it? It is amazing to me how hours turn into days, which turn into weeks! Before you know it, I'll be 37 weeks and they'll have to intervene to get those suckers out. They are minding their Momma by STAYING IN!

I want also to update you on Mom. On a side note, there is a blog we've started for her family and friends to keep up on her. It is: Hospice offers something called respit care, mainly as a service to the primary care provider (my dad, in our case). They allow Mom to come to a Hospice facility for up to 5 days a month just so that Dad can get a breather and a break and have his home to himself for a while. Mom has spent the past 4 days at that facility and returns home today!

She had been having a VERY good spurt of energy and overall improvement directly following the final radiation treatments two weeks ago. I am noticing on the phone that real recently, she has slid back a bit. But it is day by day. We just take however she is feeling for as long as we can and feel blessed by as many days she is "her old self" as we can get.

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