Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Catching up from the Past Week & Weekend - THE BIG 3-0!

Anita and Scott with his "Daddy's Doodie" apron on!
KK and Sara munching away at all the goodies

Father/Daughter shot of Jeremy/Avery and Craig/Grace... they were darling together!
Emily and Christy (bride to be!)
Christy practicing her maternal skills with Avery

I have yet to comment on the fact that Scotty is now 30 years of age! His birthday was the 15th, last Tuesday. Remarkably, I felt no negative vibes from him about the prospect of getting "old." It seemed to be a fairly seamless transition into "the thirties."

On Sunday (Mother's Day) of last week he celebrated his 30th with his Mom's family - and received his main gift - a fun IPOD!

On Monday of last week, he celebrated his 30th with his Dad and stepmom - they not only got to participate in the ultra sound that day, but also treated us to a fantastic order-out meal from Applebee's... probably the beginning of many carry-outs!

On Tuesday of last week, he celebrated his 30th with our dear friends, the Sutherlands. They came by with their daughter, Grace, and yummy Grinders. Above is a picture of Anita with Scott that night. They gifted him a Daddy apron - equipped with face masks and latex gloves for bad diaper changes! Then, friends from our previous church - Kate, Em, Ash, & Ash - all came over for a lovely visit.

On Saturday, he celebrated his 30th with his collective college crew and others. It was such a wonderful night of laid back enjoyment. See pictures above.

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