Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Way-Wonderful-Weekend

It's only Sunday morning (everyone around me is still snoozing!) and I can already tell you this weekend ranks towards the top on most special weekends! Friday, I was able to spend some amazing Girlfriend time with two dear women - Becky and KK. That evening, Mom and Dad arrived from Louisville and we had a lovely time chatting and having a private "pseudo-shower," opening all the gifts and goodies from the Louisville folks. Saturday was the last of Jackson and Duncan's showers, hosted by my incredible Girlfriend's Club. It had a "sweet pea" theme - and was an exceptional combination of delicious food and conversation. Mom was looking her finest, yet again, and had a ball visiting with the Columbus crew of friends. PLUS more generous giving by all. Now comes the organizing part... it is simply amazing to watch our home transform to Baby Central!

Last night the Girlfriends Club (Becky, KK, Carey. and Beth) all came to our home for a dinner (Grinders) and dessert (Graeters) together. This time, all "the men" and kids were invited, so Dick, Dave, Tim, Danny, Lucas, Lilly, Scott, and my mom and dad were there too. What a ball! Mom and I consumed the couch lounging and everyone else just worked right around us! It was a fabulous time of just being together.

And today, I await everyone returning for more fun. We have a few fun projects in store (painting the rest of the crib and two fun toy chests for the boys), plus (imagine this) more food to eat! Are you starting to understand why this is a pretty top-shelf weekend?

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