Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Louisville Baby Shower

As promised, I wanted to say a few words about the shower that took place Sunday at Grandmom and Grandad's party room. Of course, since I wasn't there, I can only go by those who have described it for me.... Bottom line : It was a huge success! Mom was the guest of honor, looking radiant and on top of her game. She was able to visit with the slew of folks who flocked to give her love... oh, and to drop off their generous gifts too! Mom opened only a couple, because she was biting at the bit to go goo-goo over baby stuff. The rest, as mentioned in the last blog, are now here in Columbus, taking over a WHOLE room! I am waiting to unwrap them, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone - I will find out the specifics when Mom comes to watch me unwrap (our own "private" little shower).

A special thanks to Aunt Charlene and Aunt Lisa for throwing such a successful party. You two really know how to create a welcoming mood of warmth - and you also know how to fill up tummies with incredible food. I got to experience a sample of everything - brought to me by my "roadies!" I am very grateful!

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Sarah said...

WOW!! Where in the world are you and Scott going to put everything Tricia?!?! I am so glad that you are able to include your mom and make her feel special. Keep the blogs coming! Love, Sarah