Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aunt Jo, master of arts and crafts

When I was a young girl, going to Aunt Jo's (and Uncle Darrell's) for the weekend (or week, in the summer!) meant arts and craft projects galore. I remember a hot glue gun being plugged in at all hours of the night and day and lots of buttons, beads, barrettes, dried flowers, silk flowers, pressed flowers...

It was heaven.

A couple weeks ago, Aunt Jo and Cousin Stacia visited from where they now live, Florida. All of the memories of my creative projects with Aunt Jo flooded back to me as I watched her mystically unveil project after project from her guest bedroom (come to find out, they had packed a whole separate piece of luggage of crafting goodies!). All for Jackson and Sullivan to be dazzled by! They have been arts-and-crafts deprived, I fear. So they were ripping and roaring at this new-found fun! Although I failed to get any good shots of actual PEOPLE, I did take several photos of the results of their labors. THANKS, AJ and STACIA!

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