Monday, May 11, 2009

Gma and Gpa visit

Wheweee. It seems like forever ago that Ricci and Diane visited. The two crazy kids decided to travel on a Greyhound - did I mention we live in MINNESOTA??? From Columbus, OH to Rochester, MN the trek was a 24 hour "grand adventure" as Ricci continues to call it. More power to them.

Below are some great moments during their stay. It rained solid almost from the time they arrived to the time they left. But it was a nice, cozy, lazy indoor time. We watched the Cavs play, watched a couple movies, played with the kiddos, and ate. It was wonderful. Stretch!
This is the grumpy you-are-keeping-me-awake-to-take-pictures-again-Mom look

An attempt to get a good shot of Jackson (who was not cooperating!) in his Air Jordan outfit with his Air Jordan tennishoes on (THANK YOU STACIA AND THE HILLS!)

Sweet sleeping babe

Gpa and Jackson in his "old man" pajamas

Hugs and kisses before bed

The fam!

His very own chair!

Mommy and her boys!

Sorry about the angle... couldn't rotate, for some reason!

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Joy Strancar said...

Is Jackson's chair a mini Poang from IKEA??? How awesome!