Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm behind

... I'll catch up. Really I will.

I've just had too many people spoiling me and loving me and visiting me. Kinda makes me not want to revisit my "things to do" list. Or do laundry. Or cook. Or think.

Pictures soon to come of visits from Gma and Gpa Arthur and Fairy Godmother Becky.

PS Jackson really, truly believed he was a king during these aforementioned visits. I'm having a hard time escorting him off his pseudo-throne and informing him that he, too, must live and play by rules. HA!!! What are grandparents and fairy godmothers for if not for spoiling!


MissRebecca said...

I think grandparents are genetically predisposed to spoiling:) They are great! Dont worry about being being gorgeous... you got a new kiddo in the house!!!!

Cannot wait to see new pics when ever you get to it:)

MissRebecca said...

Supposed to say *dont worry about being behind* I AM A MORON:)