Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never too early to start telling time

Yesterday I came downstairs in the morning to get Jackson's breakfast started. He came with me. Baby Sullivan was upstairs in his room eyeing the whimsical butterflies and such hanging from his play mat thingy.

A few steps into the cheerio distribution, I did a 360 and Jackson was out of sight. I - panicking -called up to Scott, who was finishing up getting ready for work in his back bathroom, to make sure Jackson wasn't man-handling Sullivan (still can't leave the two alone together for even a millisecond). There was a pause, then a giggle (from Scott). He said, "Tricia, come up here, you gotta see this."

When I arrived on the scene, nothing looked all that unusual. Sullivan was still wide-eyed on his mat and Jackson was nearby, playing with some toys. I said, "What?" He said, "Look a little closer. You'll get it." It took me forever, but finally I started giggling too. Apparently, Jackson had snatched my silver watch from downstairs somewhere and had the bright idea of accessorizing Sullivan. There my three-week little dude was with a metal band around his wrist.

The moment was just adorable. (Maybe you had to be there)


bb mcclain said...

Children can do the funniest things.

Shauna said...


MissRebecca said...

Awwww!!! I love when they do stuff like that! I wish I could be inside those little people's brains for a minute... I would love to see the thought process that Jackson decided to accessorize Sullivan!