Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got my hair HIGHLIGHTED

Of all the chores associated with being a woman (shaving legs, plucking eyebrows, applying make up, painting nails and toenails, and on and on - the price we women pay to be beautiful!), the one I like LEAST is working on my hair. I just can't seem to force myself to "waste" precious sleep/play/relax moments getting my mess of a mop of a head of hair to look good.

I've blogged about this topic before. And I found what I believe to be the perfect cut for a lazy hair-doer like myself. It's a wash and go curly look about chin-length. I've been sporting this do for at least a year.
But then on Monday, something spunky got in my system and I decided, "What the hell! I'm gonna pay the extra money and get a 'fresh' look to go with being a new mom." So off I went to get a trim (normal) and a HIGHLIGHT (NOT normal - in fact, way edgy for me - never once have I dyed my hair!). Since I was already in a knock-my-socks-off sort of mood, I asked that my hairdresser go ahead and straighten/style it too. Wheewhooo. Tricia really was playing by sometome else's rules!

The result is what you see below. For the 48 hours that I forwent washing my hair (tried to keep the straightened look as long as I could!), I felt like a different woman. Highlights are AWESOME. And so is the straightened look. I will have you know, however, that I will NEVER, EVER put that kind of work into my day-to-day look again. Back to wash and go for me! But at least it will be a highlighted wash and go!

Does this not look like a 1950's Betty Crocker magazine ad? Imagine it black and white with the quote coming out of my mouth: "I can cook, clean, and sooth a newborn! When my husband comes home, I will also satisfy all of his needs!" All that's missing is a vacuum cleaner in my left hand!


bb mcclain said...

The whole fam damnily is beautiful! You all could be in a Ralph Lauren ad.

Lepus said...

A 1950's woman would be in a dress with her pearls.

Shauna said...

OMG! You are adorable!!! I absolutely LOVE the new hair!! Way to go mom!