Monday, April 13, 2009

Professional Photo Shoot

I had a dermatology appointment on Good Friday. I go frequently to have my moles checked in on. I've found that dermatologists don't mess around when you mention you have family history with melanoma.

So, when the doctor ended the appointment by ordering me to pay special attention to a couple moles on my back to observe for growth or changes, I knew what she was asking was that my hubby be on mole-duty. Clearly, I can't be responsible for back-mole-tracking. And - let's face it - neither can Scott, given the fact that details and observation are NOT two of his fortes.

So when I fessed up that the husband-plan was really not a reliable one, she suggested that we take full body photos. That way, each subsequent visit can be compared against them.

So, off I went to Mayo's professional photo studio, where I had the invigorating experience of getting butt-naked (did I mention I still have baby belly and lactate at the drop of a hat? it was NOT a pretty site) and having every angle of my pale skin photographed. It was the closest I will EVER come to posing naked.

I am praying to God that Mayo had some sort of ethics/confidentiality code which forbids them selling my pictures to some internet site. Lord help me, if not. HEEEEEEEE.


Shauna said...

I can picture how timid you were! You're so cute. :) But better safe than sorry!! Good work, Tricia!

Emily said...

I would love to see your pics you hottie! :)
Its all good, you did the right thing!
Love you all!

bb mcclain said...

I'm model-for-a-magazine beautiful. I do Ralph Lauren ads on the side.