Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Nap

Yesterday we had a delightful morning both attending worship and eating brunch with the Dieter's (They were our pseudo-family for the day - Scott and my first time not being around BLOOD family on Easter Day! They spoiled Jackson and Sullivan with their very own easter baskets!!!).

By the time we got home and did a few chores around the house while Jackson napped, I was pooped. POOOOOPPPPEED. So just as Jackson was waking from his nap, I was beginning to read my eyelids on the couch. Scott took one look at me and said, "I got Jackson, you and Sullivan go up to bed."


Sullivan and I spent a good couple hours in bed together. It was the best Easter nap I've ever had.

And my husband??? Not only did he take on toddler-duty while I snoozed away, he single-handedly tidied the whole house! I woke up to dishes done, carpet vacuumed, and clutter picked up. WHAT A STUD!


Shauna said...

Scott could teach mine a few things!! Yay him!! Yay for a wonderful Easter!!!

bb mcclain said...

I guess the word stud takes on a whole new meaning when you're married with two future studs.

Gamma said...

What a keeper...I just love a good hubby story!