Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sullivan is celebrated (and so is sleep!)

Sullivan's 1 year birthday was celebrated Sunday evening (a tad early) in style! There's not much Sullivan likes more that sleep (esparagus [no joke!] and balls may rank slight ahead), so we thought it appropriate to connect that theme to his party.
Thanks for loving on little Sullivan, guests! He felt cherished. And you were all good sports, arriving in PJs in the middle of a delightfully sunny afternoon (hard to come inside!).
Sign on door greeting Sullivan's guests
Daddy's entertainment: reading a bedtime story to the kiddos (and adults!)


Daddy, Sullivan, and Mommy! (and J in the background)

Didn't take long for him to dig into the "bedtime cookies and milk" - his first sweets!

I confess, I was so proud of my creativity in preparing Sullivan's PJ-wear, that I took pictures pre-garb - just to have it permanently recorded. Shameless pride, I know.

Shoot! Couldn't rotate this little pup. This was the other entertainment... "Pin the "Z" on Sullivan's Word Bubble." Kids were eagerly first up... then, I must say I was impressed with the adult enthusiasm. Ellie Lindloff (kid) and Danika Nelson (adult) were the winners!

P.S. Sugar Cookie Cut Outs are NOT an easy dessert to prepare the afternoon of a party... especially when one has never made sugar cookies before. Although a random supplement to the SLEEP theme, I thought these little shamrocks spoke to the week ahead! (RACHEL, I'll give you one guess where the cookie cutter came from!)


Allison said...

it was so fun! thanks for having us! (I love the family photo!)

Tessa said...

What a fun idea for a birthday party. I am thinking that Sullivan and I would get along great, cause I love sleep too! Happy 1st Birthday Big Guy!

Rachel said...

lol awesome! :)