Monday, May 17, 2010

Look, Mommy and Daddy, A WORM!

We spent three solid days outside this past weekend. It was so good to be so grounded to the earth! And I mean that - we played in the grass, we had book parties under the umbrella, we planted, unearthed, weeded, mowed, and all out got DIRTY!

BTW, I planted and intend to tend my first REAL vegetable garden, Lord help me! I think I've already done a lot wrong, but I figure if it takes off - GREAT - and if not, I wasted a few bucks on seeds. I'll post pictures later. Maybe like a science project? Updating the blog as the seeds sprout?

I 'hug attacked' Jackson in the midst of gardening
How great is that little one year old man's smile?
There's the poor little thing.

VERY proud!

Sullivan doesn't really care two flips about worms. His most fantasized-about scenerio is being surrounded by millions and millions of balls. (But he does ACT like a worm - the kid could eat pounds of dirt if you let him - iron deficiency?)

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