Saturday, January 8, 2011

A year in a blink! 2010 Highlights.

As one would imagine, the first picture of 201o - in the dead of a MN winter - involves snow. This is the first snowperson our family has constructed and is proud of. If I remember correctly, Jackson deemed her "Linda."
SSullivan turns one and hosts a pajama party to celebrate the occasion.
Easter this year is celebrated with our dear friends, the Lindloffs. Pictures here are the two boys of that family, Truman and Cameron, along with our boys!Jackson turns 3 and gets the biggest present of his lifetime: a bicycle! Jackson's first carousel ride - at the Columbus Zoo (thanks, Gma!)Sullivan's first haircut - FEARLESSSullivan's first pony ride - FEARLESS (Jackson was given the option to get in the saddle first and declined) Jackson's first fireworks display on the 4th of July - at Indian Lake in OH enjoying the Arthur Famiyl ReunionScott undertakes three triathlons this summer: here he is with partner in crime (or shall I say "wetsuit"), Troy Lindloff. This was in Bemidji, further north in MN.W hosted our first annual adult-only goofy summer Olympic party. Wish we got more action shots: the costumes and bocci/badminton/croquet/water balloon competion were hilarious.Sullivan's first ice cream cone. He hated it, as you can tell. :)Tricia runs the Chicago marathon 10/10/10. This is her pictured minutes before the race begins waiting in a - can you guess? - port a pot line. "TRISH" on shirt to encourage spectators to cheer her on by name!Dad becomes ill at the end of August and the Arthurs, along with Dad, Nancye, and Nancye's children & families, make it a priority to enjoy a vacation with him in Hilton Head, SC (Oct). It was great quality time.Kids enjoy their monkey and frog costumes.Dad, very proud of his pumpkin carving, shows off the results. (NOTE: pie pumpkins grouped together grown from the Arthur vegetable garden!)One of my personal favorite moments of the year. Dipping our buckeyes (peanut butter balls, for KY folk) in chocolate. (notice the cute aprons, thanks Gma and Becky!) Blizzard hits MN mid December. 18 inches. Shoveling at all before the 30 hour period of solid snowfall was over seemed like raking leaves when the trees are still half-full: POINTLESS. Fortunately, we looked miserable enough when we finally DID get out there to envoke pity from a snow-blowing neighbor. Thank goodness for neighbors with snow removal toys :) Here's Sullivan, eating it up (for about 7 minutes). Wish I had more photos of the accumulation!

And in closing, we spent a second Christmas in Sarasota, FL, where my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents reside. Great times had by all. Here, our family took a little mini trip to the beach... quite a contrast to my previous description!

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