Monday, July 4, 2011

An Independence Weekend of perfection: sand, water, SUN, SUN, SUN!

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Jen said...

Trish, Scott! Hi there! It's Jen Lowery (the firefighter/EMT girl from R.O.C.K, back in my middle and high school days) I see that you guys are doing awesome and I am ABSOLUTLY extatic for you guys! I am now 25 and have a 15 month old rambunctious little boy. I'm so excited to find you guys! (I recently found Craig and Anita on twitter.)as you both know with having little ones, all I seem to feel I am doing is working, sleeping (considering I work the long 12 hour shifts, and attempting to entertain my son, Josh. I am happy to see you have this blog and I can play catch up on how you are doing! I spoke to pastor Lynette when I was asking her to baptize Josh and I asked how you guys were doing and she told me some things, it was around the time when you were going though a lot and I was sad and prayed it would get better fast for you all and now I see it has! Keep doing what you're doing and maybe sometime we will cross paths at church! <3 you guys and miss you both! Have fun and can't wait till y'all post what the new baby is going to be!