Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After a little lecture...

I was giving Jackson an explanation (a preferred term to "lecture"... read: THE SAME THING) about sibling love. Sullivan and Jackson fought like cats and dogs today, which is rather unusual. And I am hoping it is not the beginning of a wave of sibling aggravation. So, in an effort to leave an impression, I took Jackson aside and calmly went on and on about tone of voice and how to resolve conflict maturely and the depth of a brother relationship and how to be a role model to Sullivan in how one chooses to treat the other (p.s. he's FOUR).

At the end he said, sort of to no one, "I just wish I could be like you guys."

I waited awhile and then asked, "What do ya mean, buddy?"

"I just wish I could be like you and Daddy. Adults. Because being an adult is just better."

Thinking that the kids was making some serious connections...that he was totally with me on the pains of that sometimes rocky ascent into well-adjusted adulthood... wanting to realize the reward of being there NOW...

I gotta say, I was feeling a bit proud of him (read: myself) that he was taking all of my wise feedback to heart.

Next comment: "Yeah, like adults get to sleep in bigger beds."


Swallowing my pride that I ever thought he was getting the point: "Yeah, big beds are cool, pal."

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