Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No lie

This morning, as most weekday mornings, the kids watched a show in their pjs while i was in the kitchen prepping school stuff and breakfast. When I re-enter living room, Jackson is on a different couch. With his pajama bottoms off. And his dingaling sticking straight up.

No lie.

He wasn't touching it. But there was definitely some fishy business going on. He noticed that I noticed and didn't even seem phased (minor back-point: we are still very much naked around each other in this house... I know, I know, I better put an end to it soon, now that he is in kindergarten. It's right around the corner... Read: Today Might Be The Day)

So I just passed on through with only the comment, "huh. You're nakey." To which he replied, "yup." And the morning then carried on as usual.

P.S. He was watching Curious George. Seriously?

P.S.S. I do regularly sanitize my leather couches. Read: I never sanitize my lether couches but will today since there was a naked 6-yr-old butt on it.

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