Monday, October 27, 2014


Yesterday was October 26th. And this is the day 7yrs ago when we lost our sweet warrior, Duncan Rann Arthur. This year hit us hard. Scott and I both admitted yesterday to feeling particularly emotional and melancholy. Perhaps it is because we are further away from Duncan, unable to visit his grave in Columbus or his magical tree at the Park of Roses. Perhaps it is because the older boys, Jackson and Sullivan, were more involved and aware yesterday than in previous years (they both really took interest in going through pictures and Duncan's memorabilia), like we were sort of experiencing the loss through them. Perhaps is it because I am pregnant. And at about that same spot in the pregnancy when we learned of Duncan's heart condition.

In any case, the day was exactly what it needed to be for each of us. We shared. We teared up. We remembered. We told stories. We were taken back to that time, thankful to all the people who loved us alongside the sadness and thankful to Duncan for the lessons he taught us and the ways we have been transformed as a result.

That. Was. Yesterday.

And today. Today was about revealing a whole new chapter of our family existence. Today was about life. And newness. And what lies ahead. At 19 weeks, today was when we had the anatomy ultra sound for baby.

So I went to bed last night in one place. And I woke up this morning in another. 

Kinda strange, actually, to feel that polar. And there was a thin thread of sadness and anxiousness that connected the two... one which left us slightly panicky, despite the enthusiasm and excitement, during the technician's examination of the four chambers of the heart, the measurements of the skull, the extra notation about the nose and back-of-neck due to the fact that I am over 35, the pinpointing of the kidneys, bowel, spine, femur... Once you know all the ways a baby can be unhealthy, it's hard to assume that the one growing inside of you is perfectly healthy. 

But that is what happened today. Once I got all my goop off, the doc entered the room with the immediate news that ours was a very boring, normal ultra sound and that baby was healthy and growing perfectly. Sweet relief! Boring! We like boring! Scott's body language let out a breath... his lungs did, but so did his whole entire body.

And now for the part we have all been waiting for: WHAT WAS BETWEEN THE LEGS???

Will Scott drink from a glass of blue milk or pink milk??

Take a moment to watch the gender reveal clip below to get your answer:

Well, sheesh. We had this cute little moment (filmed) with Jackson, Sullivan, and Anderson looking on to discover which glass Daddy would drink from. But it's not uploading right. Trust me, it's cute.











Katy said...

Oh, my gosh! That little girl is going to be so protected!! (Well, maybe so picked on too - by all those boys!!) I'm so excited for your family. Your mom would have had so much fun with all these babies. I know she is watching over you with a huge smile on her face. Love to you all. Katy

Emily said...

Overflowing with love and happiness for you all.

Sperber said...

So excited for you!!! Congrats Authur Family!