Monday, February 19, 2007

Our First Post - short but sweet

Well, we finally did it. We are officially "bloggers!" Scott and I have strong intentions of using this blog to communicate the wild ride ahead - by this we mean pregnancy, childbirth and parenting... and I guess life in general too!

Identical twin boys! That's right - identical twin boys! We found this news out from our ultra sound on Monday, one week ago. The thought of having little Scotts running around is very exciting, and very scary... and let's not forget this gender discovery puts me in the household minority (thank goodness Lilly the kitty is a female, though!).

So we start our "Arthur Adventure" with this news... more to come soon!

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Rachel said...

Yay!! Bloggers! I hope you enjoy it and find as much comfort, enjoyment and release from the writing as I do.