Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A dear friend... in fact my pen-pal from 1st grade and blog expert (a label I give her!)... gently reminded me that we should probably update our blog with more regularity. But of course!!! A blog wouldn't be a blog without a running dialogue of important - or not so important - information/feelings/updates.

So here I am on this Tuesday evening, compromising the grading of papers to give more thoughts.

First, let me say that Duncan and Jackson are giving me quite a shake-up in recent days. We have graduated from the "fluttery" feelings everyone describes the initial baby movement to be... to the jolting kicks/punches of our twins proclaiming their place in my belly. Although there is a clear distinction to me - the pregnant one - I have yet to catch an external penetration for Scott to share in. Very soon, I have a feeling. Very soon. Until then, I think he is very jealous.

Secondly, I need to backtrack to our conversation with Dr. G, the man who will conduct the three surgeries on Baby Duncan's heart over the course of the first two years of his life. He walked into the room as a complete stranger, and two hours later, I wanted to hug and kiss him all over. How do you treat the individual who is going to save your child's life? It brings me to tears just thinking about how much he is going to mean to us.

Bottom line from our meeting - we are left feeling totally confident both in his expertise as a surgeon and nurturing nature as a caring individual. He has been responsible for 40 of these "hybrid" surgeries in his 6 years of conducting them (he offers a different, and in our opinion "better" alternative to the other 3-surgery series that has been used as the primary treatment for LHLS in the past 20-some-odd years... the main difference being that the BIG open heart surgery is saved for 4-6 months of age, rather than as an infant). He expressed that he knows each of these 40 kids personally and treats them as close to his own children as possible.

We are blessed to be living in Columbus and working with a nationally recognized surgeon such as he!

NOTE: Tomorrow is our next ultra sound... we'll let you know how it went!

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