Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big News

We're having a cook out Sunday night. And people are coming. Real LIVE people! Yey! This is huge for us, since we haven't hosted ANY Rochester guests in our home before.

Two couples are from Scott's work. We went out to dinner with that group last Saturday night and I give two thumbs up. REALLY great people. The other couple is from the women's/mom's group I recently joined. The gal, Shanti, is WAY cool and our whole family got to meet her whole family at a pool party a couple weekends back.

So, anyway, I'm busy getting the house and yard somewhat tidied. And preparing my grocery list for a Labor Day Wkd event we've been waiting for! Yippee!

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Tiffany McCallen said...

Gosh I love a good cookout. You guys enjoy! Kudos to you for making fast friends. David and I are STILL working on that—a mere two years after moving to Mount Vernon. So keep up the good work!