Friday, August 15, 2008

Stacia and the Arthurs....

...Touring the Mall of America (to do it properly, it could take 3 days)
Dora was even there!

...Traveling back and forth to and from Minneapolis/St. Paul, corn field after corn field

... Watching our first Honker's (Rochester's local team) baseball game. For those of you wondering, a "Honker" mascot (with whom Jackson was obsessed) looks like this:

...Swimming at the local public pool (AWESOME kiddy pool area - very safe)

...teaching Jackson how to play cards (Stacia's determined to learn how to "count" cards)

...Feeding the elk and other animals at Oxblow Park (definitely one of our favorites!) In this one, Jackson got gutsy and fed the miniature horse his hand...I mean, some grass (it was close)

...And, sadly, saying goodbye to each other at the airport (the second cousins look pretty happy though, don't they?)

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bb mcclain said...

The Rochester Honkers...I love it!