Friday, October 23, 2009

No joke

Two weeks ago, we awoke to a light dusting of snow three different mornings. This was about a week after a scorching trip to Florida and before I was even able to transform my home into Fall mode. I still had bright colored table cloths and summer vibes going on. It was less than an inch each time, but still, that was depressing...

But then TODAY - now this is a doozy. This is no joke. What you see at far bottom is FOR REAL. It started snowing when I walked out of school at 10:45am, and it has not stopped since. Yikes.

What Jackson spent time doing on Monday - a gorgeous fall day

What our house looked like from the front on Monday (only reason I took a picture is because I registered for a landscaping class and they requested that we bring a visual of our home from the curb!)

What our house looks like from the front TODAY:

Our pumpkins are hardly visable for all the snow. There's just something not right about that.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Oh my... I'm not ready for snow, of any kind, dusting, inches or otherwise. Poor thing.

Lepus said...

Get ready for LOTS more.

Rachel said...

I need to come visit in the Winter so that I can play in the snow with you guys, and get my snow fix!!

deepgreat2003 said...

nice... ^^