Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wowza, it's been awhile

Scott looked at me last night after surfing on the web a bit and said, "Do you realize it has been almost a MONTH since you last posted on the blog?" I guess I didn't realize it had been THAT long.

We've been worker bees here in the Arthur household... The last full weekend in Sept we were blessed with Grandma Lynette's company and got to pack up and spend time at Faith's Lodge, then I headed to Key West, Florida with my Girlfriends to celebrate DEAR BECKY's 50th birthday (hope you don't mind that broadcasted, Becky!), then Scott's marathon race in Chicago the (he did GREAT!), and now we're finally returning to a bit of normalcy after lots of weekends in a row of SHEER FUN! Fun is great, but it wears one out!

I gotta tell ya, the school season is kicking my butt a little too! Adding a second babe into the mix to get out the door with diapers, a bottle, extra outfit, and blankets lovingly packed and with his hat and jacket on - WHEW! You should see us scurrying around in the AM. It's good though. I am getting regimented about going to the gym every other day, too, for a 30 minute treadmill work out straight after work while the kiddos are still at Cassie's. It's rushed, but boy does it feel great when I can say that I taught 2 classes of math, ran 3 1/2 miles (almost), did a few crunches, and played some with my kids ALL BEFORE NOON!

On a side note, I'm convinced every baby falls asleep at the high chair at least once. Sullivan had his moment on Tuesday, on his 6 month birthday as you would have it. One moment he was hungrily eating his green beans and cereal. In the next, we was drooped over and passed out. It happened with Jackson too. Makes me laugh!

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