Monday, November 2, 2009

A bullet list of comments

* Raking leaves is not for the faint-hearted. I am now sore from the waist up.
* Speaking of my waist, for my own waist-line, I am looking forward to when Jackson and Sullivan NOTICE I am stealing large amounts of candy from their Halloween buckets.
* I am IN LOVE with the website: Thanks to teenage cousin Stacia, who is my inspiration for getting up-to-speed with music and fully integrated into the IPOD world, I actually know my music (a little!). This website allows you to create playlists for free (not downloaded, of course). I just have it going in the background of my computer when it's on.
* Crystal Light has a "cherry pomegranite" variety that is KICK BUTT. Try it.
* Jackson now gets one Curious George fruit snack when he pee pees on the potty and two when he poo poos. Whatever it takes.
* A pizza dinner at a friend's house last night just might have inspired me to learn to cook my own pizzas, like really yummy ones. Hmm.
* Sullivan has his two bottom teeth cropping up almost to their full height and now his top ones are starting to smash on through. Boy, the kid didn't get a break! He's getting an older-boy look, now, with teeth. Almost no more baby face!
* The cocomotion has made its debut this fall and will continue to be a permanent fixture on our countertops through the winter.
* Scott and I have spent the last year obsessing over the Grey's Anatomy drama. Since we got on board SO late, we had to netflix back to the start and work our way to the present. We FINALLY did it! Which is an accomplishment, but it's sort of sad that there's no more giddiness when the netflix envelope gets here anymore. Grey's kept us ALIVE ( i know, pathetic!). So, now we've decided to get on an "Arrested Development" kick. So far, so good!
* My toenails are not painted and likely won't be for much of the winter. They are hibernating. Sad, Sad.
* My winter projects: To upload all my digital pictures that are hanging out on our server just WAITING for the computer to crash and for all of our memories to crash with it - to a secure website AND To organize our files (it was going great till the summer - BAD NEWS BEARS, bills and files are EVERYWHERE).

I'm finished being random.


Joy Strancar said...

1. We LOVE Arrested Development... too bad it's only 3 seasons.
2. I upload all my photos to Shutterfly. You can post them to a share site (and share the link with friends), and there is unlimited storage.
3. Glad to see you are all doing well. We miss you :)

Lepus said...

I gotta put Arrested Development in my queue as well. LOVE NETFLIX. Also, if you want a decent homemade pizza crust mix, try Chef Boyardee Pizza in a box. Its really easy and makes yummy thin-ish crust pizza.

Adam said...

Arrested Development is a MAGICAL show...SUPER dry humor and wit

Not that I am a chef, but my soon to be wife is a pretty darn good cook and makes a mean BBQ Pizza...a "pizza stone" is a great purchase to get you started

(btw...your children are really stinkin' cute)